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Hi Dan! Thank you for following up! We did receive the gel packs and I'm super satisfied with them! Thank you so much, nice doing business with you!
Aymie B., Quebec, Canada  2022/05/27

Dan, Wanted to let you know that the order of moose mugs arrived the day before Thanksgiving. I have just now been able to unpack them and they are fantastic.  Thanks,
Daniel M., New Mexico, USA  2021/11/29

YAY! Warren picked them (moose mugs) up today and they are stunning. Truly amazing. Thank you so very much. We will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Have a wonderful Ishtar!
Karen C., California, USA  2021/09/16

Hi Dan, The Eagle (Moose Mugs) has landed.. bring on the Nutmeg!  Thanks again for your service Dan.  Good luck.  All the best J.
Jamie S., UK  2021/01/23

Hi Dan.  The parcel has just been delivered!  The (moose) glasses are gorgeous and in perfect condition. Thanks again!
Michelle A., Victoria, Australia  2020/09/30

I received the Moose mugs this morning. They are beautifully done. I will definitely be recommending them to family and friends. Thank you very much!
Jamie E., Michigan, USA  2018/12/27

hey are sooooo nice!!!! Thank you for explaining was very helpful....I am going to talk to my son and see ....Merry Christmas to you Dan....I have admired your (moose) mugs for a long time., is a work of art for soon...
Bob C., Arizona, USA  2018/12/15

Hi, Dan.  We received the (moose) mugs - they are great we love them.  Thanks again.
Tim C., Pennsylvania, USA  2018/01/18

Thanks Dan.  The (moose) glasses were delivered today----these are spectacular!  Happy Holidays!
Paul H., Florida, USA  2016/12/15

Hi Dan, Thanks!! I'm so excited about these (moose) mugs! I bought them for my husband for Christmas and will he ever be surprised! Yay!!!  Can't wait to get these and thanks again. You've been awesome. :)  Warmly,
Lina S., California, USA  2016/12/08

Hi Dan, I received the (moose) mugs and antlers and just wanted to say thanks again.  The new mugs are awesome.  They are actually just a big bigger than the ones I ordered a few years ago which is great.  Happy Holidays.
Eric M., Washington, USA  2016/12/07

Dear Sir or Madam, I ordered four (moose) mugs this year. They are fantastic. Thank's a lot. I am looking forward for Christmas, invite my family and friends and show them the beautiful mugs.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
Robert K., Bad Salzuflen, Germany  2016/10/20

Hey Dan! Thank you so much! Your work is beautiful! I can't wait to give these (moose) glasses to my Fiancé as a wedding gift. She is going to Love them so much! I am so glad to have found your store. I even found your Facebook page, and kept out of your contest to ensure they would remain a surprise. I'm going to tell everyone I know, about your store. It's fantastic that you improved the moose mug design, and are still making them. Thank you so much! Cheers!
Neil M., Texas, USA  2015/12/30

Hi Dan!  Thanks for the phone call!  I just placed the order (for moose mugs).  You are such a pleasure to work with each year to get this mug ordered.  Have a wonderful holiday!!
Amy S., Virginia, USA  2015/12/19

Hi!  Thank you for your mail and finishing my order (moose mugs).  The mug has been my dream since first time I saw the movie.  Best Regards.
Svante B., Sweden  2015/12/10

Thanks Dan.  That's great! Been looking for these (moose) mugs for a while and was about to get the dodgy ones when I came across your site. These will be much better. As per everyone else, the whole family loves the movie since we were kids so the mugs will be a good talking point.  Thanks.
Thomas C., Australia  2015/11/27

Hello Dan.  The moose mug arrived and it's perfect.  It looks as good as the other one mate.  Thanks again for sorting that so quickly.  Really appreciate it.  Have a good Christmas mate (I know it's early to say that!).  Kind regards.
Ross B., UK  2015/11/07

Hello.  Thanks for the very quick and thorough reply!  Any of the options are just fine - just choose some alternate (souvenir) pins and surprise me.  I've ordered from you several times and your service has always been outstanding!  Thanks!
John C., BC, Canada  2015/08/19

Hi Dan, I have to have the (Moose) mugs here in Raleigh by Saturday August 1st.  They are a gift for a bride to be and the shower is August 2nd.  To give you a little fun fact, 6 families that met through church have been Christmas caroling and watching Christmas Vacation together for 25 years.  The children are now starting to get married and we are giving the (Moose) mugs as a shower gift.  Thank your for checking!
Peggy S., North Carolina, USA  2015/07/26

Dan I am totally floored that I was a winner of 2 cups. OMG I'm one of those people that say they have never won anything. LOL AND that is the truth. So thankful for your generosity. We will now have 6 so my wife, I and 4 of our kids can enjoy them this year all together. Our other two children are out of state so they won't be home this year but next year they will be so I will be purchasing 2 more before next Christmas for sure. Thanks again Dan and Merry Christmas to you.
Bob C., Arizona, USA  2013/12/13

I was notified that I was a winner of two (2) YES!!!!!!! mugs THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!
Mirella C., Illinois, USA  2013/12/06

Hi!  Tonight my wife opened the gift of the 6 (moose) mugs I purchased and she LOVED them!  You guys have done a phenomenal job with these!!!  Dan, you guys a running an excellent shop! I can't wait to show the rest of the family this Christmas and let them know about you guys. I hope to get you some more orders!  Happy Holidays!
Jeff R., Illinois, USA  2013/11/29

Hello Dan, My (moose) mugs arrived early TODAY! -17 July 2013. They are GORGEOUS! Thank you. Delivery was so quick.  About Christmas-time this year, I intend to send you a pic. [using the (moose) mugs’ many polystyrene packing ‘peanuts’– as SNOW!], with me holding a mug. Should make you smile, with my Xmas sooo hot and yours sooo cold.  So, thank you again, Dan Cheers, Pat
Pat F., Australia  2013/07/17

Hi Dan.  I collected the (moose) mugs today & they have all arrived in good order & look absolutely fantastic. Thanks again for all your help & I'll get back in touch again next year. Have a merry Christmas & a wonderful new year
Wayne L., UK  2012/12/19

Hi Dan, Received my order yesterday. The (moose) mugs are terrific. I look forward to use them on new year's eve. Thank your very much for your assistance.  Best Wishes for the holiday season.
Daniel C., Quebec, Canada  2012/12/19

Dan, Thank you for your replying to my e-mail.
I've been intending to buy the Moose Mugs for a while now and I finally placed an order which arrived very promptly (quicker than advertised).
The (moose) mugs are absolutely beautiful and while you do have high quality photos of them on your site, they don't do them the justice they truly deserve. You need to see them to appreciate the work that had gone into making them. We are very excited to have them and can't wait to christen them this Christmas. Funny how something so small can bring so much joy to the festive season. I hope you continue to sell these for years to come. Fantastic!
I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Take care.
The Ballard Family, Australia  2012/12/14

Hi, my package (maple syrup candy) arrived. Thank for your great customer-service. I will order again soon.
Have a great Christmas time.
Werner H., Switzerland  2012/11/29

Hi Dan....just to let you know I received my order (pins) in a very timely fashion. Thanks for your great service. Cheers
Don M., Ontario, Canada  2012/08/28

Dear Dan & Family, Thank you for arranging for the Kootenay Moose Spoons to be sent to me, care of friends in Ohio.  I already have the Bear Claws & the Moose Spoons will be a welcome addition to our home in Australia.  Please enjoy the enclosed Christmas ornament for your tree.  Kind regards,
Deborah G., Australia  2012/08/10

Hello Dan, I like to tell you that the (moose) mugs arrived at 11th of July. I paid the customs (Euro 120,--) and took them at 16th of July. They are undamaged and they are really wonderful.  I´m looking forward to see the face of our friend while unpacking them.  He will be happy to get them as a present for his 50th anniversary (he loves the movie with the Griswolds since a lot of years and wishes to get the (moose) mugs;-))  Thanks at lot to you for the quickly sending and the nice contact. Have a great time with many regards.  Yours Ulrike 
Ulrike M., Germany  2012/07/19

Hi Dan, Well, this is a very nice thing you're willing to do -- thank you! Please ship as you normally do and keep the extra $10 for accommodating me on these (moose) mugs. They are just so darn clever and fun!  I bought four of these from you in 2010, and ever since then, when I have people over they just go crazy. So, I've been giving these as gifts. Everyone loves the (Christmas Vacation) movie and everyone likes knowing YOU'RE the ones who created these. I don't have creative or artistic talent, so I sure appreciate the people that do! Thanks again for your kindness.
Mary M., Illinois, USA  2012/02/20

Thanks again, Dan, for being so responsive and kind.  I'll be sure to let you know right away when the order (maple syrup candies) arrives.  Have a good day. Kind regards,
Susan G., Saskatchewan, Canada  2012/02/13

The moose mugs arrived (adorable) and also the punch bowl antlers. Thanks so much. That does clear things up for us and makes sense! We appreciate the prompt response. We love the (moose) mugs and look forward to using them next Christmas. Sincerely,
Mary D., Washington, USA  2012/01/24

Thank you very much. I just gave them (Moose Mugs Punch Bowl Antlers) to my husband, he loves them. Thanks again for helping make this Christmas wonderful.
Ginger F., Indiana, USA  2012/01/03

Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know that both – yes, both – packages arrived today! Thank you so much for all the extra trouble you went to on our behalf; we love the pins.
Heather H., Maryland, USA  2011/12/12

Dan, Good evening! I'm happy to say the Moose Mugs arrived safe and sound today. I LOVE THEM!!! They are quite detailed with the moose's eye lids and bottom lip. A very nice touch!  We're finishing up decorating this weekend at the house, so we'll get photos taken then.
I already did a little tease on our Facebook Page, this afternoon, that we received something from our Northern Border Neighbors and we'll unveil them this weekend.  Thank you, so very much for sending them. P.S. - I had to break out the Egg Nog and christen them already. :)  Sincerely,
Raymond Elling, Christmas Advent House, South Carolina, USA  2011/12/02

Dan, Items (Moose Mugs) received, they are fantastic and my father was very pleased. Thanks again for the quick response and delivery. I can guarantee that I will be ordering in the future. 
Chris D., England (United Kingdom)  2011/03/26

Hi Dan The glasses (Moose Mugs) I ordered last year where the envy of everyone at Xmas. These are a gift for my father who is National Lampoon Nuts. Thanks very much.
Chris D., England (United Kingdom)  2011/03/08

Dan, Thank you for your fast shipping. I got it (Canada pins) today. Very nice products. Thank you for your kindness. Have a good night.
Min Y., Quebec, Canada  2011/01/19

Dan, I received my new moose mug. Thank you. The other Moose mug made it to Jersey and made someone very happy. Thanks again for all your help. Happy New Year,
Matthew S., California, USA  2011/01/04

Dan, Your customer service has to be the best on the planet and the moose mugs have become the stuff of legend. A very Merry Xmas to you.
Matthew S., California, USA  2010/12/25

Dan, Thanks a ton. WOW you're on top of it. I am amazed you caught that and really appreciate it! Looking forward to the (moose) cups! My brothers will dying laughing and I'm sure their orders will follow soon! Merry Christmas!!!
Joe Z., Michigan, USA  2010/12/22

Hi Dan - I got the (moose) mugs on Monday afternoon. They were expertly packed and arrived in perfect condition. The (moose) mugs themselves are beautiful and I can't wait for them to be opened Christmas morning. They will become a part of our Christmas tradition for years to come. As cousin Eddie would say, they are a "quality item". Thanks so much for your help.
Chris C., Illinois, USA  2010/12/22

Hi Dan. Just a note to let you know that I received my (moose) mugs on Friday along with the (punch bowl) antlers. They are AWESOME, and I can't wait to see my husband's face on Christmas. Thank you so much!!! Merry Christmas.
Tina B., Ohio, USA  2010/12/20

Dan, Thanks so much for your generous attention to customer service. My wife and I are so very thankful to be getting these Moose mugs in time for our Christmas EVE party. They will be proudly displayed on our Xmas themed bar. I will be sure to direct as much business to you as possible. In this day and age it's a good feeling to know that some people still actually care about others. Have a great holiday, and once again, thank you very much!
Matt H., Michigan, USA  2010/12/14

Greetings Dan, First, let me say what a pleasant surprise it was to not only receive a through message in response, but one delivered so quickly after business hours and from the proprietor himself.
I can appreciate your position and certainly it is easy for me to say, "make them (moose mugs) in plastic" when I have no share in the planning, casting costs, or risk involved in investing an a large amount of inventory. Not to mention the difficulties involved in international shipping both ways.
Thank you for your generous offer to offer a discount. The truth is that I'm a terrible negotiator. I need 4 (moose) mugs and ... it is not my intention to insult you. I understand that these are hand made, art really, and surely you're not sailing the Caribbean in a gold plated yacht built with moose mug proceeds. Hopefully I (and everyone else) will be on better economic footing next year and I can buy them then.
So thanks for getting back to me. It was a small gesture on your part, but customer service like that really renews my faith in the small business owner and I will buy from you eventually.
Chris C., Illinois, USA  2010/12/12

Hello, I'm writing to encourage you to produce a plastic version of your moose mugs. I have been checking the site monthly for years (honestly). You are the original provider and have a GREAT product. I'd love to buy some, but I can't afford the hand crafted version. It is too late for this Christmas, but please, please consider them for next year.
Chris C., Illinois, USA  2010/12/09

Hi Dan, As a matter of fact, today I have started the Annual attack of the Rubbermaid boxes full of Christmas Decorations.  It was thoughtful of you to e-mail after all these years.  
The kids and grandchildren are all dueling to see who gets the (moose) mugs.  They only get used a Couple times during the season but certainly "enhance my Holiday spirit."  Heard that "Cousin Eddie" was Hiding out up there in the Provinces.  Best to You during this Holiday Season.
John D., Pennsylvania, USA  2010/11/26

Dan, Hope you're getting geared up for the Christmas Season. As promised, we've made giving these moose mugs a tradition in our family. We're definitely in for 2 more this year. Can we go ahead and make this purchase?  Thanks for making our holiday's special,
Tommy V.,  Tennessee, USA  2010/11/25

Hello, Dan.  I just received my (moose) mugs from you and they are beautiful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I now own a set of yours and a set of the ones that are supposedly 'officially licensed.'  Now I know what you mean 'you get what you pay for' - I am very disappointed with the 'licensed' set.  You can tell that the goblets are made from a mold (you can see a line straight down the middle of the face and nose, and 2 lines down where the antlers are).  Worse yet, the antlers are GLUED ON and crooked!  Not impressed.  Just to let you know, your set will be used during our family's Christmas celebrations.  The other set will be filled with nice ornaments, up on the shelf.  Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas!
John D., California, USA  2010/11/06

Hi, Dan  Today I received the Canada pin. So fast shipping it is. Thank you for your products. I like them very much.  Have a nice day!
Min Y., Quebec, Canada  2010/10/12

Good day, I received my (moose) mugs yesterday, after being away on holidays for 10 days. Very impressive! I've checked them over and don't see any problems. Packaged very well. Thanks for your help and great product. My girlfriend will love these when we watch Christmas Vacation this year. Thanks again. Especially for the great communication.
Jody L., Newfoundland, Canada  2010/10/07

Hi Dan, THANKS SO MUCH for all your help on this order… I really appreciate your assistance!...You are the best, Dan! Thanks again for all of your assistance with the maple syrup!  Warm regards,
Megan S., Texas, USA  2010/10/07

You guys are awesome. The (moose) pins are great. Taking them to the Czech Republic for a hockey tournament in August.  Thanks so much for the delivery.
Myrna C., Alberta, Canada  2010/07/21

Hello Dan, Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I just wanted to let you know that the (maple syrup) candies arrived in Baltimore this morning. Thank you so much for working so hard to get them there for me. It is greatly appreciated.  Kind Regards,
Cindy A., New Brunswick., Canada  2010/06/21

Hi Dan, Thank you very much for getting the "Flag Pins" to us.....just what the doctor ordered, our Club members are delighted as will those people who are attending our Convention in a couple of weeks!  Cheers,
Iain J., B.C., Canada  2010/06/04

Hello Dan, Finally !. . . . . . . . (moose mugs) delivered yesterday afternoon after paying ridiculous British import taxes. Wow! Ray absolutely loves them and cant wait to put Chevy Chase on and drink egg nog!!!! These are beautiful glasses and arrived very well packaged. Well worth the wait. Thanks again.
Sarah B., England (United Kingdom)  2010/05/01

Thank you so much for the phone call and this e-mail. The replies were very quick and I appreciate that!!  This is exactly the info I needed and I have to say I am surprised that the (maple syrup) carbohydrates are not as high as I thought they would be.  Hope you have a great evening.
Fiona C., Alberta, Canada  2010/02/11

Hi, Dan! Ok just gave the (moose) mugs to my husband! He started laughing and said he couldn't wait to put egg nog in them. This then resulted in him quoting the movie. And of course both of us holding them up to test them out. Needless to say- he loved them! They are great! Obviously, each order is important to you! I was amazed to see all of the comments people had written. We are small business owners of a child care center- so I know probably a small bit of what you do about the time and passion put into a great business! Anyway blessing for a great continued future. Thanks so much! Yours truly
Michelle K., Missouri, USA  2010/01/26

Hi Dan- Just wanted to let you know the replacement glasses (moose mugs) arrived safe and sound. They are beautiful. Thanks-
Barbara T., Georgia, USA  2010/01/26

Hi Dan, I just received the moose mugs! They look great! I have yet to give them to my husband but will do so tonight. I will let you know what he thinks. Thank you for working so hard to get these to me!!! Yours truly
Michelle K., Missouri, USA  2010/01/26

Dan, Just wanted to take a second and let you know that the (moose) Mugs arrived on time in great condition! My wife was surprised and extremely excited to finally get her hands on the authentic “Christmas Vacation” (moose) mugs. They are now proudly displayed in our “fine crystal cabinet”.  Thanks for getting them out to me on time.
Mark S., Missouri, USA  2010/01/12

Dan, Just wanted to say thank you!! The (moose) mugs were a hit. We'll probably be buying 2 a year for the next three years, as part of a family tradition. Will also buy the punch bowl antlers as well. If you have any super awesome deals, let me know. May be willing to purchase all at one time.  Best,
Tommy V.,  Tennessee, USA  2010/01/03

Making good use of our purchase.  Raspberry lemonade á la Andrea.
Will be ordering 6 more (moose mugs) for next Christmas along with the antlers for the punch bowl.  Thanks again.
Cian O., Ireland  2009/12/27

Dan just wanted to thank you so much for the service. Would be glad to contribute to the website as a referee/satisfied customer. Andrea was truly delighted with her gift (moose mugs). Hope you are having a great holiday season. Regards, 
Cian O., Ireland  2009/12/26

I received my order (souvenirs) very quickly, appreciate your promptness.  Thank you.
Ruth L., Illinois, USA  2009/12/24

Hello Dan, I got the package (moose pins), thank you very much!  Have a nice weekend,
Christine G., Switzerland  2009/11/14

Received the tattoos today. Thanks so much Dan – you have been awesome from start to finish!
Heather P., Ontario, Canada  2009/06/02

Dear Dan. Thank you so much for this, i really appreciate it. I will make sure i recommend you to my friends and family. The (moose) mugs are great! Kindest regards
Lana C., England  2009/03/26

Hej Dan ! Everything arrived in perfect order and quality. Thank you VERY MUCH ! Looking forward to meet you sometimes and thank you personally ! And I will look at your website to be inspired… Wish you all the best ! ciao/tak/mvh
Henrik B., Denmark  2009/03/13

Thank you so much for expediting our order for 300 temporary tattoos, they were good quality and so cute...the girl scouts who visited our "Canada" booth really enjoyed them. Again thank you for the discount you gave us and the great customer service,
Diana R., California, USA  2009/03/03

Hej Dan !  THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH : i would like to visit you one day to see you and thank you personally !  Let’s see !  Again : i am very thankfull, and love Canada and canadians !  Best regards
Henrik B., Denmark  2009/03/02

Hi Dan, just wanted to let you know my order (moose mugs) arrived intact and everything is perfect so many thanks, Regards
Brian W., Australia  2009/02/22

Thank you Dan for the info on flag toothpicks. BRILLIANT. All ordered. You are a STAR!
Susan A., England  2009/02/06

Thank you so much! New (moose) mug arrived the other day in perfect condition! I truly appreciate your assistance through this situation. You've helped make this Christmas a special one me and my girlfriend won't soon forget.  Thanks again!
Dan R., Massachusetts, USA  2009/01/26

Hi Dan, I received the new moose mug this morning in perfect condition.  Thank you so much!  Have a great day!
Cristine R., Oregon, USA  2009/01/20

Hi Dan -- Just want to let you know that we received the replacement (moose) mug yesterday. Thanks again for standing by your product!!
Bryan R., Pennsylvania, USA  2009/01/06

Thanks so much, Dan. It's nice doing business with a company that stands by their products... So rare to find these days. I'll let you know when I get the (moose) mug. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!
Bryan R., Pennsylvania, USA  2008/12/31

They (moose mugs) just arrived. They are wonderful!! My husband is going to love them. THANKS!!
G. L., Minnesota, USA  2008/12/31

Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know the (Adirondack) chairs did get here last night. They are great! Thanks again,
Nancy A., Alberta, Canada  2008/12/24

Hi Dan: Just got in my moose mugs. I love ‘em! Can’t wait to show them off on Christmas! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!
Kevin L., New Hampshire, USA  2008/12/23

Hi Dan! Got the Moose Mugs and WOW are they pretty! :) Thanks again, and have a Merry Christmas,
Jan L., Arizona, USA  2008/12/23

Hi Dan, Thanks soo much! You are GREAT! Have a very Merry Christmas and my Hubby will love these (Moose Mugs)! Too bad I can't find a black dickie like what Cousin Eddie wears! Ha :)
Jan L., Arizona, USA  2008/12/20

Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know that the moose mugs arrived safely. They are beautiful, I am so pleased. Thanks you very much!!! Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,
Lois M., Australia  2008/12/17

I just wanted you to know that I received the 4 glasses (moose mugs) that I ordered and the (punch bowl) antlers and they are stunning. Thank you for all your help and assistance. I am so jealous right now of my sister as these are for her that I am contemplating ordering a set of 4 for me but you know with the holidays and all, I better wait until I have more money perhaps next year. I almost did do it though (of course through your website). Thanks again for all your help.
Cynthia S., Ontario, Canada  2008/12/13

Hi Dan, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the (moose) mugs - they arrived yesterday and are perfect! 
Thanks for the speedy delivery and the comprehensive wrapping so as not to get them chipped whist in transit from USA. Have a wonderful Christmas and an awesome New Year! Thanks again
Suzi M., Australia  2008/12/10

Hi Dan, Sorry to have sounded like a pain, I am just soo keen to get them (moose mugs) and I wanted to make sure that you had received the payment - which I'm so glad you did!! I cannot believe how lucky I was to have found your site - my husband is going to be thrilled! He has been 'going on' about these mugs ever since I have known him (15+yrs) and the Christmas Vacation movie is his favorite and he actually quotes from it!! So I can picture him this year sipping eggnog from his very own moosehead mug watching the movie, quoting & laughing out loud before the funny-scene occurs.....actually, coming to think of it, I'm not sure if that will be a good thing or not!?!?  Thanks for you email and looking forward to getting the (moose) mugs, Have a great Christmas!
Suzanne M., Australia  2008/12/04

Dan, The Moose Mugs arrived safe and sound in Ireland today! That was super fast. My sister opened the package to check on them and she says they are fab. Can't wait to get home this Christmas and see my mother's face when she opens them!!  Thank you SOOOOO much.
Joan C., Turks and Caicos Islands  2008/12/03

Thank you for your time in assisting me Dan and I assure you, that when my Wife opens these (moose mugs) on Christmas morning, she will cry with joy.  Yours thankfully,
Tim H., Wales, UK  2008/11/27

Hi Dan, The (moose) mugs arrived safe and sounds early this week. Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly service. Have a great Christmas and a super new year.  Cheers,
Sally S., Australia  2008/11/27

Thanks again Dan!  They (moose mugs) are going all the way to Ireland so fingers crossed they get there in one piece! They are for my mother who will just crack up when she opens them. She's a huge fan of the movie and watches it on dvd about 3 times before Christmas to get her into the spirit and she is always going on about those mugs! She has no idea that they can even be purchased anywhere so I know she will be like a kid with a new toy when she opens them.  Thanks a million again!
Joan C., Turks and Caicos Islands  2008/11/24

Dan, I got the moose mugs yesterday. They are beyond cool! They shipped beautifully and appear to be perfect! They will be the hit of Christmas! Thanks ever so much.
Denise P., Michigan, USA  2008/11/06

Dan, My moose mugs came today and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! They are spectacular and I can't wait to give them to my boyfriend on the 21st!! He will die when he opens them!  Thank you for making us smile!
Sue C., New Jersey, USA  2008/10/14

Hi Dan, Just a line to say that I have received the moose mugs as requested and both arrived intact, thanks.  Sue is not aware that I have them and they will be a nice surprise for her birthday.  Thanks again for being so helpful and best wishes to you and your family.  Keep healthy.  Regards..........
Trevor W., England  2008/08/08

Hi! I received my order today, July 3, here in Pittsburgh, PA. Very quick shipping. Thanks! The (Canada souvenirs) products are great and I will definitely be returning to buy from you again. Just wanted you to know that I was very satisfied. Thank you!
Jim F., Pennsylvania, USA  2008/07/03

Hi Dan, Just a quick note to let you know that the Bear Claws arrived the end of last week.  Thank you also for the card; that was a nice touch!  Cheers,
Andrew H., Japan  2008/03/16

Dan: Thanks for your messages and follow-up. The Moose Mugs arrived February 22 and I am so excited about giving them as a gift. Thank you for the great customer service and exceeding my expectations!  Best regards,
Nancy D., Kansas, USA  2008/02/27

Dear Dan, They are great (custom-made Inukshuk keychains)!  European management loves them too, I will now send a few to our Canadian office (I know, not very efficient J) – hopefully they’ll respond the same way!  Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate your fast response (from first email inquiry to final custom made product within a month, wow)!  Take care,
Nicolette V., Asentus Consulting Group Ltd., Netherlands  2008/02/12

Hi Dan, I wanted to thank you so much for sending us the new (moose) mugs!! They are in perfect condition and packed away till next year when we will use them. We really appreciate the way you satisfy your customers! Happy New Year!
Toni M., Washington, USA  2008/01/27

Hi, Got them (moose mugs). Thanks so much. I have been trying to get these for many years.
Jenni M., Australia  2008/01/25

Hello Dan, I received the (moose) mugs today and they are awesome! Thank you so much! It's a shame that I can't leave feedback the ordinary eBay way because you would have received top feedback from me! Thanks again & best regards.
Johan S., Sweden  2008/01/22

I paid Paypal for two moose mugs for my brother's birthday party on January 25th. Thank you so much for being so creative. Coolest gift ever.
Stephen W., Michigan, USA  2008/01/17

Hi Dan, Happy New Year to you too! My daughter and her husband were absolutely thrilled. I swear Darran was so excited you'd think he had just received the crown jewels! I was able to get a picture of them (moose mugs) and he took them both and put them away in a safe place (they have a 2 year old). I don't think he even trusted my daughter to hold one. It has to be the best gift he ever received. Then I elaborated a bit and told him how i found you and that you use the original glassblower etc etc... Thank you! It was great moment. I gave them on Christmas Eve hoping to have an eggnog but he wouldn't dirty them.  Thanks again,
Shannon W., Quebec, Canada  2008/01/17

Just wanted to tell you what a great gift (moose mugs) this was for my son who is a huge fan of Christmas Vacation and Chevy Chase. Thank you for the prompt delivery.
Trudy F., Illinois, USA  2008/01/04

Dan, The moose mugs arrived intact. Everyone loved them. Thank you,
PS-I may be sending someone your way for more moose mugs.
Matthew S., New Zealand  2007/12/24

Hi Dan, The (moose) mugs arrived in perfect condition! Thank you so much. I can't wait for my husband to open these on Christmas Eve (we always sneak one present on the Eve).  Thank you very much for the free shipping...I really appreciate it. Christmas Vacation is my husband's and my favorite Christmas movie, and this is the first time I've thought seriously about starting a Christmas Vacation collection...I'm so happy to have found Canadian Moose! There is a lot of Christmas Vacation junk out there.  Enough babbling...I'm just so excited!  Thank you and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc....
Michele C., California, USA  2007/12/21

Dear Dan, I GOT THEM (moose mugs)! They are even better than I expected and they came one full day before I expected them. I can't wait to use them this holiday!  Thank you so much for a fantastic shopping experience and an even more fantastic present!  Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!
Kim M., Pennsylvania, USA  2007/12/17

Thank you sooo much for getting me the glasses (moose mugs) so fast and they are better than I expected.  Thanks again.
Nora L., Alberta, Canada  2007/12/17

Just a note to let you know that the Moose Mugs arrived safely and they are wonderful! We will be drinking eggnog along with Clark and Cousin Eddie this year :) The fact that they are made by the original artist adds a lot to the meaning. Happy Holidays!
John H., Pennsylvania, USA  2007/12/15

Hi all arrived well. Very cold here, will give them (moose mugs) a test run tonight with a warming winter warmer drink.  Thanks and may we wish you a very merry Xmas.
Steve and Jennie B., UK  2007/12/14

HI Dan!!! I just wanted to let you know that I received the (moose) mugs and they are fabulous!!  I love them!
Lindsey F., Illinois, USA  2007/12/13

Hi Dan, Thank you for such a quick and personal service. Why can't everybody be like you!
My boyfriend and I love Christmas Vacation and have been looking forever for these glasses (moose mugs), he'll be thrilled on Christmas day when I serve up his egg nog.
Kind regards and happy holidays
Claire D., UK  2007/12/11

Nicole K., Connecticut, USA  2007/12/11

Hi Dan, got my (moose) mugs today, they're so hilarious! Can't wait for them to be unwrapped so I can fill 'em up with eggnog! lol.  Peace
Laura P., Connecticut, USA  2007/12/11

Thanks for taking the extra time to help me.  My son is a "Christmas Vacation" nut and he's going to love these (moose mugs)!! (We'll probably be back for more!!)
William D., Kentucky, USA  2007/12/10

Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know the (moose) mugs have arrived and I cannot wait for my husband to open his present. They look awesome!  Thanks, again,
Madlyn M., Alberta, Canada  2007/12/10

The (moose) mugs came today and I am enjoying some eggnog.  Thanks for the exceptional service, Dan.
Thom M., California, USA  2007/11/28

(Moose) mugs came in today. They look fantastic. Thank you.
Bob B., Virginia, USA  2007/11/20

Thank you for your help.  You have a wonderful and fast service.  So I hope I will be as soon as possible a new owner of two wonderful moose mugs made of glass. The plastic ones you can find now everywhere in the web are not the originals and it is completely true what you say: drinking out of glass is much better than drinking out of plastic…The (moose) mugs are a special birthday present for my husband (he loves the movie..) and his birthday is on the 6. December. Perhaps I will have luck and the post will be here until this date…With best wishes to you and your team
Stephanie S., Germany  2007/11/20

Hi Dan, I have just received my replacement Moose Mugs, thankfully, completely intact. Thank you so very, very much, your service is second to none (alas, service is something which is sometimes in short supply in the U.K. these days).
Thank you once again and although it is a bit early, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Warmest wishes,
Sandra F., UK  2007/11/20

I've been looking for these (moose) mugs for years. My father has loved them ever since he first saw 'Christmas Vacation.' I look forward to giving them to him this year!!
Amy S., California, USA  2007/11/14

Hello, Items (Bear Claws & Moose Spoons) received this morning. Perfect!  Thank you for the transaction!
Claudine R., France  2007/11/05

Dan, I received the order (custom gel packs), thanks a lot, they look great. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Chantal M., Alberta, Canada  2007/10/22

Hi Dan, Just to let you know that I received the (maple syrup) candies today. We all tried one at work and proclaimed them absolutely delicious!!! Thanks for your great service and fast delivery.
They will make a very unique and fun gift for the guests at my daughters wedding and fit right in with the "Fall" theme. Thanks again.
Shirley P., B.C., Canada  2007/09/21

Good evening, Dan, Received package today, Thursday 30th. Brilliantly packed, no damage. All three (moose mugs) are flawless and so I am pleased to say that all is well. Please thank the artist for me.  Sadly it means I have no need to contact you any more, though you never can tell - you may want a photograph, I may want some punch bowl antlers. Until then, I wish you and your family all the best. Cheers.
Glenn R., England  2007/08/30

Hi Dan, I received our order (lapel pins) today. Thank you for processing it so quickly. We will definitely keep you in mind for future orders.
Eva W., Illinois, USA  2007/08/15

Just letting you know I received my order and they (moose mugs) look great. I can’t wait for X-Mas.  Thank You
Steve T., New Jersey, USA  2007/05/02

Hi, Dan......I just wanted to let you know that the Fedex package of tattoos and napkins arrived today. I'm very pleased with the products as well as your excellent customer service and fast shipping. Should we ever have another Canadian-themed party, I'll definitely remember!  Thanks!
Sandra M., Illinois, USA  2007/03/12

Thank YOU so much for making our birthday bash a success! We will be ordering several more moose mugs, so keep my info handy! We love our meeses and can't wait for Christmas vacation to get here.
Barbara C., Georgia, USA  2007/02/04

The (moose) mugs are absolutely ADORABLE – even cuter than I thought they would be. Not sure if I’ll be able to wait for the holidays to use them. Keep up the good work.
Cathy E., Ohio, USA  2007/02/02

Thank you! The (moose) mugs arrived in perfect shape. My intent was to hang onto them until Christmas and give them to my husband then. But I opened the box when it arrived and couldn't resist giving them to him that day! Thanks for a great, fun product.
Jaime N., Iowa, USA  2007/02/02

Thank you. The (moose) mugs are great and I've recommended the site to some friends. Can't wait to surprise my 19 year old next Christmas.
Patricia L., Maine, USA  2007/02/02

Hello, I just wanted to let you know the gift (moose mugs) was a success. It is hard to surprise my husband, and this gift really put a smile on his face! The product is wonderful and of high quality. Thanks again!
Noula D., Wisconsin, USA  2007/01/23

Dan, The (moose) mugs were a great hit for Christmas! I appreciate you getting the order out and worrying about the invoice paperwork later. At least, with the paperwork, I know where to go back to. Thanks very much,
Kim F., Washington, USA  2007/01/23

Hello Dan, We received our moose mugs this morning and we are tickled to get them and can't wait for Christmas to come so we can delight our grandchildren. Our sons grew up watching the movie yearly and it's still one of our favorite X-mas activities.  The (moose) mugs will add to our future holidays. We already have a fake squirrel for the tree and my wife spent four hours one Saturday in the fall creating the fried cat which was the addition for this past X-mas. Thanks again,
Mike T., Virginia,  USA  2007/01/19

I just wanted to say thank you for shipping so promptly. The moose punch bowl glasses and antler punch bowl attachments were the hit of Christmas. I have recommended you to all my friends that love Christmas Vacation.  Thank you again for helping me to give a very memorable gift.
Therese M., California,  USA  2007/01/19

Dear Mr. Herauf, We had a wonderful Christmas! My husband loved the Moose Egg Nog Glasses. We are truly a Griswold Family.
Mary M., Pennsylvania,  USA  2007/01/18

I would like to thank you for helping me out with the Canadian Flags. Thanks again for your return call when we got cut off. It is unusual in this day and age to reach a live person on the other end of the phone, and you guys went above and beyond!! Kudos to you!! Thanks again and I hope you have a profitable 2007.
Julie B., Pennsylvania,  USA  2007/01/12

Thanks for the (moose) mugs they were awesome and quite a hit!
Catherine C., Maryland, USA  2007/01/11

Hello again, I received my (moose) mugs today. I was just getting ready to call FedEx and they showed up at the door. Thank you for everything I really love the (moose) mugs. My father has been looking for them for years, he will flip when he sees them.  Thanks,
Stacy C., West Virginia, USA  2007/01/09

Hello Dan, Well the 2 Moose mugs arrived in beautiful shape today. I have put them with their two mates in their packing box and have been stored on a shelf until our next holiday season. I want to thank you one more time for your wonderful service. You don't see many companies like yours today that stand behind their products as you have. I have told many friends of your Moose mugs and of your company.  Good luck and a prosperous year to you and your company.
Robert C., Arizona, USA  2007/01/09

We got the (moose) mugs both timely and in perfect condition and love them. Thanks!
Dave W., Washington, USA  2007/01/08

Dan, I received my Moose mugs and am thrilled with them. I can't wait to give them to my husband at Christmas. Thank you for your help. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Your customer service is GREAT!!!!!!
Deanna S., Pennsylvania, USA  2006/12/23

Hi Dan...........My wife Dorothy ordered a set (Moose Mugs) from you on Thursday at 1:00am and I am happy to say they made it here Fed-Ex today Saturday......The (moose) mugs are so cool....We got them for my brother In-Law...he is a fan as we all are of the movie... My mother In-Law now wants a set so I am sure we will be ordering more.....Thanks and Happy Holidays.......
eBay customer, California, USA  2006/12/23

Message for Dan in Calgary, received moose mugs, absolutely brilliant, will be a great surprize gift for my wife Sue, Many thanks again for your help have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for a prosperous New Year. Regards.......
Trevor W., England  2006/12/21

Hello Dan! I just received the (moose) punch bowl antlers and they are sooooo fabulous! I love them! Thank you! Thank you! I hope that you have a great holiday! Thanks again,
Erica D., Massachusetts, USA  2006/12/20

Hi Dan, I received my moosehead mugs & they are great. I will find the time to go on e-bay, but for now I just wanted to thank you for getting them to me so quickly! I wish all my internet shopping was so easy! Have a great Holiday,
Kathy M., Ohio, USA  2006/12/20

(Moose) Mugs arrived safe and sound - thanks so much. Have a great holiday -
Holly B., Maryland, USA  2006/12/18

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful customer support! I received my (moose) glasses today and they are great. We are a long way from home (my husband is stationed in Japan) but these really help the holiday spirit. My father is flying over here for Christmas and I know this is going to be the greatest gift ever! Thank you again for all of your help and for shipping all the way over here. Happy Holidays!
Fallon S., US Military, Japan  2006/12/15

Dan, I wanted to let you know that the package arrived today with the replacement moose (mug) glass. The herd is complete! Thank you very much for your assistance. I look forward to doing business with you again soon!
Robb G., Oklahoma, USA  2006/12/14

I am sure you have more than enough to do without reading emails, but as a first time customer, I would like to say thanks for being on top of your game, its very much appreciated.
Charles F., Montana, USA  2006/12/12

I have received my order. The (Moose) mugs are beautiful and received in perfect condition!  Thanks,
Maureen R., Massachusetts, USA  2006/12/06

Hi Dan.  Just to let you know the (Moose) mugs arrived safely (and in one piece) this morning.  I have left feedback on eBay.  The (Moose) mugs are great.  I look forward to seeing my husband’s face on Christmas day!!  Thanks for all your help and have a great Christmas
Jenny N., UK  2006/12/05

Hello, My husband and I are recently married.  One of our traditions is watching Christmas Vacation.  I can't wait to drink eggnog from these (Moose) mugs after my husband opens the present on Xmas morning!  Thank you!
Andrea O., Colorado, USA  2006/11/28

Hello Dan, I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely FABULOUS customer service. You were able to get me the souvenirs the first time around with a very short time window and saved the day. This time, you went above and beyond the call of duty to track them down for us. I just want to say thanks for all your help. You've certainly made me look very good - my boss is very happy!  Thanks again for everything,
Annie C., New Jersey, USA  2006/11/28

Hi, I got the (moose) mugs on Nov.23rd...they looks great. Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving.
Jennifer T., California, USA 2006/11/23

Wonderful! I'm so excited - my husband has been looking for these (Moose Mugs) for years!
Sandra L., Pennsylvania, USA  2006/11/22

My German boyfriend has been saying for several years about how cool it would be to have some moose eggnog glasses like the one in that crazy movie (he has no clue what eggnog is but that's beside the point!). So I went online and googled "Chevy Chase" and "moose mugs". Lo and behold, I found your website and jumped for joy. You will make a 45-year-old German guy the happiest "kid" in town this Christmas....provided the moose mugs arrive in time. I'm crossing my fingers that they will.
Elizabeth B., Germany  2006/11/10

Hi! I got my (moose mugs) glasses today, Nov. 8th! I am so excited. They are just as great as I imagined they would be! Thank you so much.
Erin O., New Hampshire, USA  2006/11/08

Dear Mr. Herauf, Thank you so much for your prompt reply and help with this matter!  I just sent two photos of the Moose Mugs (taken on my black stove). I hope these will suffice.  I look forward to getting the new (moose) mugs and enjoying them this Christmas and for many years. I will also recommend your company to my friends and be happy to order more items from you. Thanks again for your excellent customer service!
Betty V., Wisconsin, USA  2006/11/06

Hi Dan.  Sorry not to have got back to you earlier but the Moose Mugs arrived safe and sound and are excellent, thanks for your speedy response to our order!  Best regards.
Andy C., England  2006/11/05

I just received two of your (moose) mugs and they are awesome. I had to order two more.
Patricia M., California, USA  2006/11/04

Dan, Thanks for the quick response. When the first two (moose mugs) arrived, I thought..."We'll need more than two of these!" They look great. Have a good week.
Bill G., Principal, Ohio, USA  2006/10/23

Thank you so much for taking care of this problem. I will certainly keep you in mind in the future for gifts, etc.
Linda M., Colorado, USA  2006/10/23

Hello again Dan, Please know that I have received my order and the two (moose) mugs exceeded my expectations!  I can't wait to see the expressions of my brothers when they open their Christmas presents... will let you know.  Thanks again... and btw... the packaging was also impressive.  Sincerely,
Marie L., New Jersey, USA  2006/10/18

Dan, I appreciate the prompt, friendly service. I especially enjoyed talking with you yesterday about the history of the (moose) mugs. Have a good week.
Bill G., Ohio, USA  2006/10/17

Keep making these beautiful glass (moose) mugs! I've won 2 of your (eBay) auctions and your glass (moose) mugs ARE far superior than the acrylic and cheap glass ones your competitors are selling.
John O., California, USA  2006/10/16

Dear Dan, WOW! I can’t believe how quickly my Moose Mugs arrived! In just 2 days! That gives me 80 days until Christmas to learn the fine art of drinking eggnog from between antler tines.  I also appreciate the fact that you efficiently and professionally packed the Moose Mugs as though they were radioactive nuclear waste!  Thank you,
Mary Jo C., California, USA  2006/10/12

Hello, Dan.  Just wanted to let you know we received the Moose Mugs today (5 days ahead of the FedEx tracking information!) and they are fantastic! All appear to be in perfect condition. They are indeed a work of art. The photos on the webpage when viewed on our laptop computer do not do them justice. We have it all planned out how we are going to surprise our kids with them on Thanksgiving holiday. They will be very, very surprised. "Christmas Vacation" is the adopted holiday movie for our family.
Thank you for creating a truly unique and outrageously silly gift item. They will be our 'legacy' to our kids. haha!  Cheers!
Don and Gail B., Florida, USA  2006/09/08

Dear Dan, You're right. I opened the box, saw the 17" manual (for the Adirondack footrest), and without measuring or unpacking, I assumed it was the 17"rest.  All is good. Sincere thanks for your swift response and concern. What a great company.  I'm sure we'll cross paths again.  Best,
Peter F., California, USA  2006/09/01

Thank you sir!!  I am looking forward to enjoying the (maple syrup) candies and sharing them with my wedding guests!
Andrea T., Texas, USA  2006/08/30

Good morning Dan....  Thank you, thank you, thank you.......  The flags made it and will be up shortly.  Look forward to working with you again.....
Dave C., Illinois, USA  2006/08/02

Hi Dan, Thought I would let you know I just received the (maple syrup candies) order from Cleary's via Canpar.  What great service!  The (maple syrup) candies are excellent, trying out one now.  Thanks again for all your help.
Kathryn W., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada  2006/08/01

Hi Dan, Got the (Adirondack) chairs last night and we love them.  They are exactly what I was hoping for.  Thanks so much.
Mary F., Alberta, Canada  2006/07/12

Hello Dan!
Just a quick note to let you know that we had a fantastic day last Friday – the first ever Canada Day celebrations in London was a great success!  We were told that 30,000 people came to the celebrations, and our family fun area easily had over 1000 visitors.  I am sending you a few photos of the event, and of the tattoos.
Of course the tattoos were extremely popular with kids and adults (about 50/50 I would say!), people loved them and several people left with several plastered all over.  They were popular not only with Canadians, but all the other people who were visiting.  One little guy wanted about 4, and could not speak any English (kept pointing at himself saying “Italiano!”); he left with both the "Canadian Boys Rock" and "Canadian Girls Rock" tattoos, and a few more.  Not sure he understood the girl one, but maybe he really thinks “Canadian Girls Rock”!
At the end, when we finally closed, and only because we ran out of tattoos (or so we thought - we had about 50 left over, these were misplaced we found them yesterday at a bottom of a bag).  We went two hours past our closing time because so many people wanted tattoos.  The tattoos were a great chance to talk to people and I have to say it is wonderful when people tell you how much they love your country, and want to have a tattoo to show their feelings!  All that because of some little tattoos.
I have made a recommendation that we use again for next year and buy at least 2000 tattoos, and with their popularity this year, I am sure we will get the budget for the next Canada Day in London!  I will put your name on my suppliers list for the organisers and I truly hope they contact you.
Please let the Tattoo Man see the photos and let him know what a hit the tattoos were at our event.
With Warm Regards,
Dolores M., Volunteer Coordinator
Family Fun! Canada Day London 06
in Trafalgar Square, London, England  2006/07/06

Thank you very much Dan!  Just got the FedEx notification so I can track the order. Will let you know when the package gets here.  I will definitely put your name on my recommended suppliers list!  We look forward to seeing and using those tattoos.  All the best!
Dolores M., Organiser - Family Fun Activities, Canada Day London '06, London, England  2006/06/22

WOW! Thank you so much! I just received the order (Canada souvenirs) you sent, in today's delivery. Thank you for being so helpful with my order and sending everything so quickly. I'm so impressed! If you run across those inflatable beach balls anytime in the future, please let me know.  Again, thank you so much for your help.
Chantal F., Pennsylvania, USA  2006/06/19

Thank you! We're off to Portugal and the many times we have been there, I often wished for some sort of sand and wind break so I'm hoping this (Windscaper) will fit the bill. We go for the wind for windsurfing and kitesurfing but while just relaxing on the beach, its nice not to be sandblasted.
Brian P., NT, Canada  2006/06/19

Thanks for the excellent customer service. Our friend is getting married and the entire department went in to get these (Moose Mugs). Hope these pictures help future production. Please let me know if you need any other info. 
Pati M., Missouri, USA  2006/06/07

Dear Dan, Just wanted to let you know that we received the lanyards bright and early this morning.  I appreciate all your efforts in getting these together and shipped so quickly.  The Global group is hosting a meeting and these will be a nice touch as one of the takeaways from the meeting (we can wear our company IDs and show off our global pride at the same time!).  Again, many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. It has been a pleasure doing business with you!  Best regards,
Annie C., Bayer HealthCare, New Jersey, USA  2006/06/05

You're awesome Dan.  Many thanks for the (souvenirs) link.  I've bookmarked your site.  Thanks again.
Kristin B., Missouri, USA  2006/06/01

Good morning Dan, I would like to thank you and your people to make this wonderful transaction so easy for me. Everything (Canada Day party supplies / Canada souvenirs) is perfect I was short only of one temporary tattoo but I'm not worry about this refund, I have a funny feeling that I will run out of some of the article because here in the UK the Canadian go crazy. I will probably order some more articles in the near future. I wish it will be easier for me to get some Canadian fabric especially with maple leaf on them or Canada print. I'm the only one who does the sewing and I can't keep up with them.
Like I said thank you for all the help to provide me with what I need and hopefully to talk to you and do more business.  Sincerely yours
Sylvie G., Canadian Forces Base, Det Daws Hill, UK  2006/04/25

My (Petit Point) pieces arrived today in the mail. They are beautiful. Thanks Dan. The (Petit Point) pieces really are lovely; we are so glad to have come across your site on our search.  We look forward to doing more business with you and Carol (Carol Herter,'s wonderful Petit Point artist).
Monique B., NY, USA  2006/04/20

Dan, the package arrived today in San Diego. My stepmother was impressed with the (Petit Point) pieces and said they were beautiful. I have a few (Petit Point) pieces there that she will be sending to me. I'll let you know my own feedback when they arrive, but so far so good!  Thank you very much!
Monique B., NY, USA  2006/04/17

Dear Dan, I am back in the UK now having visited New York and I just wanted to say thanks very much for the moose mugs  which I collected from my friends.  They all arrived safe and sound and were very well packaged so they survived the plane journey back to London as well.  You were quite right - I am absolutely delighted with them! they are fantastic!  My only regret is that I didn't get more, so don't be surprised if you get another order from me in the near future!  Thanks for your assistance with this and have a nice day.
Sharon M., England  2006/03/31

Dear Mr. Herauf, I really appreciate you helping me replace the Lacrosse (bead) necklace I was looking for!!  You have no idea how excited we are that we can buy a replacement for the broken Lacrosse (bead) Necklace...  It was so nice of you to not only respond SO quickly to my e-mail... but you went the extra mile and gave me a link not only to the correct website where I could buy the necklace-- but to the exact page itself!!!  Outstanding!!  I am so thrilled to know that there are people like you in the world who put a Human Touch into what they do via the internet... If I am ever in the market for anything else you can bet I will look to your company FIRST!!!  I will also be sure to spread the word of your good deed to my neighbors and best friend - who happens to coach and referee for MANY Lacrosse and soccer teams!! Hopefully they will be able to throw some business your way... Thanks again !  Sincerely,
Candice L., NY, USA  2006/03/09

Greetings, Dan.  Wanted to let you know our Moose Mugs arrived in perfect condition! They're a riot!  They are headed for Las Vegas with us shortly to present to our son at his 40th birthday bash. They are going to be the hit of the party!  Your service and communication was great! Your site is in "favorites" for a return visit.  Thank you!  Sincerely,
Kittie Lou E., Oregon, USA  2006/02/15

Dan: Thanks, they (Canada flag bead necklaces) are awesome. We'll all enjoy wearing them in Panama and showing off our Country Canada Pride.
Lori H., Ontario, Canada  2006/02/15 

Thank you, You are GREAT and your product (long distance telephone calling cards) has been great for us and you have always been helpful.  Thank you,
Louise W., Connecticut, USA  2006/02/09

The Moose Mugs arrived late last week in perfect condition! Thanks very much! 
Terry C., Michigan, USA  2006/02/06

Dan, Thank you for your immediate response to my voicemail.  Here are the (moose mug) photos you requested.  It’s very evident you have the ethics and customer service to keep people coming back.  My wife has her own business and the greatest compliment anyone can give is a referral.  I will keep recommending your website to all my friends.
Thanks again,
Dave W., Missouri, USA  2006/02/04

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  I appreciate the customer service.  I love the (moose) glasses and will recommend them to all my friends.  Thanks again.
Brian O., Washington, USA  2006/02/03

I received the (Petit Point) piece and it is just what I wanted.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate your follow up on this purchase.
Jerry S., Illinois, USA  2006/01/16

Thank you Dan, for acknowledging my order!
We are going to give these (moose) mugs to our son and daughter in law at their birthdays as we celebrate with a large group in Las's going to be a riot! We're all flying in to meet each other! We watch the Christmas Vacation video every year together and laugh our fool heads off. My son, turning 40 this year says, "We just GOTTA get some of those (moose) mugs!" hahaha....little does he know I FOUND you and the (moose) mugs! I will probably be purchasing a few more later on.
You have some very unique and wonderful merchandise, and I'm anxious to have some time to look at it further.  What a NEAT place!  Thanks again!
Kittie Lou E., Oregon, USA  2006/01/16

Dan Got the (moose) mugs - wow!  They're simply the coolest holiday collectible around. :)  Thanks again,
Michael K.,, Illinois, USA  2006/01/13

Good Morning Mr. Herauf, Thanks so much for the information!  These (moose) mugs are fantastic and your site is fascinating.  I'm so glad I found it.  Your personal, informative response was so wonderful.  I certainly do appreciate it.  You, too have a great day and a fun weekend!
Kittie Lou E., Oregon, USA  2006/01/13

Dan, Just to let you know that my father-in-law was over the moon with his glasses (moose mugs), well worth the money and they arrived in time for Christmas.  You made such a great effort in getting the items to me very quickly.  Best regards.
Gina B., England  2005/12/29

Just wanted to let you know my son (23) absolutely loved the Moose Mugs for Christmas!  We always enjoy watching Christmas Vacation and this topped it off!  Thank You and Good Luck!
Carol G., Oregon, USA  2005/12/27

Dan, Just received the (moose) mugs!!  Thank you again for your help!  They are very nice ~ I'm sure he will love them!! :)  Have a wonderful day ~ and a very Merry Christmas!
Susan H., Ohio, USA  2005/12/23

Got em (moose mugs)!!!  They look amazing.  What a Christmas surprise this is going to be!!  Thanks a million!!!  You will be the hit of Christmas Eve.
James K., Massachusetts, USA  2005/12/23

Hi Dan, They (moose mugs) just arrived and my husband said they look great.  I am at work and haven't seen them yet.  So thank you again for the great service and have a great holiday.
Barb S., Ontario, Canada  2005/12/23

Dan.  The moose mugs arrived safely last evening.  They look great!! I  can't wait to see the smiles on everyone's faces....Thanks so much again!!!
Tammy D., Pennsylvania, USA  2005/12/23

I just wanted to say thank you for sending me the moose mugs I ordered.  I know you must be very busy at this time of the year.  Thanks again.  Have a wonderful holiday.
Catherine N., Massachusetts, USA  2005/12/22

Hi Dan, My herd of moose arrived today – much earlier than I expected and much nicer than expected!  The (moose) mugs are wonderful … absolutely perfect and I can hardly wait to share them with my family in London (England) this Christmas.
The pictures don’t do the moose mugs justice.  They are amazing.  And everything was so well-packed.  And they got here so quickly!  I just can’t think of enough good things to say.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Even though I paid for them, I feel like they are gift from you because they are so great.  I’m following your advice to leave them in their boxes and carry them on board the plane. No risk of hurting these babies!
Again, thank you for such quick, efficient and friendly service on such a perfect product.  Smiles,
Carolyn R., Kansas, USA  2005/12/13

Hi! Just wanted to let you know the (sports bead) necklaces arrived yesterday.  Thank you to both of you.  The (sports bead) necklace producers even left a message on my machine saying they were being sent on Saturday and I really appreciated that!  Please thank them for coming through for me.  Thanks again and if there is anything you need from me, let me know.
Marijana P., Alberta, Canada  2005/12/12

Hello - I just received my "moose mugs" and I am absolutely thrilled with them as I know my husband will be.  He is an avid fan of the "Christmas Vacation" film and now he can add these to his collection of movie memorabilia.  Great packaging and fast delivery.  I really liked the "status update" - it was like waiting for Christmas morning - you never know until it surprises you.  Thanks again from your neighbor down south. 
Karen D., Connecticut, USA  2005/12/08

Just wanted to write and say I got the (moose) mugs and they are wonderful.  Thank you for the prompt service and excellent product.
Kortney K., Alabama, USA  2005/12/06

Hi my name is Leonie - from Geelong Australia - I am just sending you this e-mail to let you know that I have received my moose egg-nog mugs yesterday - they are beautiful.  Thank you ever so much for your great communication and speedy delivery to Australia.  Thanks again.
Leonie P., Australia  2005/11/28

Dear Dan Herauf!  I'm very happy about your mail, because I know that CanadianMoose is great.  I made some pictures, I hope it works.  Thanks a lot.  My parents will be the happiest people in the world on Christmas Day.  I love the Moose Mugs, because I'm searching the last 5 years for them.  Thanks, yours.
Manfred P., Germany  2005/11/23

Dan: Just wanted to say thank you so much. My sister Dabney in Texas received her Moose Eggnog Cups (moose mugs) today! She was thrilled. It will be our new tradition to add to her collection every year! Now she is truly ready to watch "Christmas Vacation" with her "eggnog" in her moose cups (mugs). Thanks for getting them to her in a hurry and thanks for making such a wonderful product.
Vicki H., North Carolina, USA  2005/10/26

Hey Dan, Just wanted to let you know that the moose mugs arrived today. I LOVE THEM!!!!!! My husband will be surprised...they are for his birthday tomorrow. Thanks,
Debbie E., Pennsylvania, USA  2005/10/26

Dan, Greetings!  It was great to talk with you the other day.  I just wanted to let you know we received, in excellent condition, our six (moose mug) goblets of soon to be Hunter Christmas Tradition!  Best of luck to you and Canadian Moose ... you will most certainly have great word of mouth advertising from us!  Sincerely,
Jerry and Wendy H., Oregon, USA  2005/08/04 

Hello Dan, The Moose Mugs are truly "A THING OF BEAUTY", and had the desired effect on my brother.  Thank You!  Very satisfied customer,
Steve H., Wyoming, USA  2005/07/07

Thanks Dan!!  Received the soccer necklaces today.  They look great.  Thanks again for filling our rush order.  We will be contacting you again for hockey (necklaces) next season.  With plenty of time, this time!
Tammy K., Alberta, Canada  2005/06/20

Hi Dan, Just a quick note to say many thanks for the parcel (of Canada party supplies), every thing is just perfect,
can not thank you enough for your help, it is very much appreciated, once again many thanks.
Joy H., England  2005/04/16

Hi Dan, The package (of Canada party supplies) arrived today - quicker than expected!  Everything is great, just what we wanted.  Thanks for your excellent service.  Best regards,
Pete S., England  2005/03/01

Hi, Received the moose eggnog cups yesterday.  No problem - they were well received.  I love them, many thanks.
Carol R., Ontario, Canada  2005/02/16

I just wanted to send a thanks for the very prompt and courteous service I received on my order for eggnog (cups) mugs. Both of them arrived here complete and meet our expectations. My cousin will be ecstatic at his 50th birthday party when he receives them later this month. Again my thanks for getting these out to me on time.
Ray D., Manitoba, Canada  2005/02/14

Dan - just out on our intranet website at EDS, a message from EDS Canada President still down in Dallas at our annual sales conference, announcing several awards to our Canadian sales team and included this paragraph ...
"Lastly I want to share how the EDS Canada team built on the momentum by branding EDS Canada at the sales conference. The Canadian team showed up in force bringing with them moose lapel pins.  These pins were distributed through the conference making colleagues from around the globe honourary Canadians."
Thanks again for stepping-up at the last minute and arranging for most of these pins to be actually manufactured for us in just two days - a phenomenal job and obviously wonderfully appreciated down in Dallas.  Kind regards.
Louise Martin-Murphy, EDS Canada - Ontario, Canada  2005/01/21

Happy New Year Dan! The replacement (moose) mug arrived today in perfect condition. My son could not believe his eyes when he opened the first box! The family homemade eggnog recipe will never see another plastic cup again. Thanks so much for everything!
Jacqueline C., New Jersey, USA  2004/12/28

Val D., Nebraska, USA  2004/12/27

Just wanted to thank you for the moose eggnog cups. I cannot wait to give them to my husband for Christmas!! He has been watching that movie every Christmas eve for years and now he will have even more fun watching when he can join in drinking eggnog from his own special mugs (eggnog cups)!! Thanks again, I'm sure I will need to order more for next year as I only bought him 2 and he is going to want a complete set!  Thanks again, have a great holiday.
Brenda C., Connecticut, USA  2004/12/20

I recently sent you all an inquiry about my eggnog cups.  FedEx just screwed up and delivered them to my neighbors down the street.  They brought them over earlier today.  I really appreciate getting an e-mail AND a phone call from you guys, trying to figure out what happened.  It was actually FedEx's fault, so no sweat.  You all do excellent work and should be proud.  Have a happy Christmas.  Thanks so much!
Jacquelynn Z., Missouri, USA  2004/12/18

Hi Dan, FYI --- My husband has been looking for these mugs (eggnog cups) for years ever since National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  On Toronto City TV Breakfast Television, they asked the viewers to send an e-mail for what they were looking for but could not find.  Anyway, I sent it yesterday and watched the show - they indicated that so many viewers were looking for these same mugs (eggnog cups).  So you may be overwhelmed with requests.  Looking forward to receiving them.  Please wrap them securely!
Carol R., Ontario, Canada  2004/12/15

Hi Dan!  I wanted to let you know that I've received the (souvenir Canada flag) sweatshirts and am very pleased with them!  I will be sending them on their way around the world today!  Thanks so much for your help and communication concerning these items!  If I need anything in the future, I will definitely be in contact with you again!  Have a wonderful holiday season and a great new year!
Dagmar M., Indiana, USA  2004/12/13

"Joy to the 'Wolds"
Throw your own 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' party—if you dare.
by Margaret Battistelli, December 9-16, 2004

The Philadelphia
Illustration By: Mike Nawyn

It's a wonderful life, my ass. All the sugarplum fairies in the world won't change the fact that most people's holidays wind up looking less like George Bailey's than Clark Griswold's. You know Clark Griswold, he of "when Santa squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he's gonna find the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nuthouse" fame.
If your Christmas balls are already in a bunch over the holidays, don't fight it. Embrace your inner Griswold. Take a page out of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and dream up a white-trash Christmas. Or let us dream it up for you.

First, the house. Clark went for—what?—50,000 Christmas lights and blew out the power for the whole neighborhood. You don't have to go that far, but you do need enough wattage to be obnoxious. (Check out, a site run by a guy who calls himself—you got it—Sparky. It's a gold mine of real-life examples of Christmas lights gone wild—check out the bedazzling pickup truck, for example.)

Next, invite the most irritating people you know. This probably will involve some members of your extended family, so you'll have that base covered. Let them mix and mingle with the people you actually like, just for the annoyance factor. Offer multi-patterned suit jackets, a la Clark Griswold Sr., at the door. And invite an Eddie who'll agree to show up in a bathrobe and fur trooper hat.

As your guests arrive, pinch their cheeks and give them eggnog in moose-shaped mugs. (An allusion in the movie to the original Vacation and its Marty Moose character.) If you're interested (and very rich), you can actually can get them here:

The overcooked, dry-to-the-point-of-bursting turkey was pivotal to the movie, so if you want to be authentic, the food has got to suck. Leaving it in the oven for an extra hour or three will surely do the trick. (Not, of course, that we're suggesting you do this.) A better plan is to serve turkey jerky or maybe even some squirrel, but watch out—squirrel is very high in cholesterol.

No Christmas Vacation soiree would be complete without a Jell-O mold dotted with dry cat food. (Wimps can substitute Lucky Charms.) And make sure to give the dog way too much people food—it's not a Griswold Christmas without a pile of rover wretch under the table. Start the meal with a traditional Griswold grace—the Pledge of Allegiance—and a toast: "I dedicate this house to the Griswold Family Christmas."

If you can get your cat to poke its head out of a wrapped box, that would be cool. (Again, we're not suggesting you try it.) Short of that, wrap up a couple of stuffed ones and put them under the tree for effect. For gifts, make like Aunt Bethany and give your friends odds and ends you've found around the house.

Speaking of the tree, you'd make it a real homage to the film if you threw a live squirrel in there to run amok among your guests. (For the last time, we're not suggesting anything here.) Stuffed squirrels will make for a sufficient compromise. Throw them at random guests throughout the evening.

And, obviously, make sure you've got a tree that's far too large for your living space. Force your friends to walk around it, climb over it, crawl through it. But please, we will suggest that you stop short of setting it on fire.

You'll reveal yourself as a Christmas Vacation poseur if your musical choices include Lindsay Buckingham's "Holiday Road"; of the Vacation franchise's five films, Christmas Vacation is the standout in not including the song on the soundtrack. You're safe with "Christmas Vacation" by Mavis Staples, Ray Charles' "That Spirit of Christmas," Bing Crosby's "Mele Kalikimaka," "Hey, Santa Claus" by The Moonglows, and Gene Autry's "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

No matter what music you play, be sure to play it loud because—and this is key—one of your main goals for the day is to annoy the piss out of your neighbors. If at all possible, find a way to make one of them say "What are you going to do with that _______?," setting you up nicely to utter one of the film's classic lines: "Bend over and I'll show you."

Naturally, you'll have to actually show the film during the party. You can heighten its comedic effect (not that it needs it, mind you) by getting everyone sufficiently soused. Do that by playing the invented-on-the-fly Christmas Vacation drinking game above.

When your guests finally stagger out the door, show them how much you care and bid them adieu with the warning, "Bundle up, it's a bit nipply out."
The Griswold Family Drinking Game

1. Set up shots of Jack Daniels (Clark: "Our holidays were always such a mess." Clark Sr.: "Oh, yeah." Clark: "How'd you get through it?" Clark Sr.: "I had a lot of help from Jack Daniels.").

2. Everyone must down a shot each time someone in the film says "Griswold" or "Christmas."

Variation: Have each guest choose a character and force him or her to drink whenever his or her character's name is mentioned.

3. Last player standing gets to solo on the greatest holiday-themed soliloquy in filmdom—Clark's "Frank Shirley" speech: "If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I'd like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is. Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where's the Tylenol?"

As always, thanks for your quick response.  You are really a treasure, a great person/company to work with.  It must be really busy this holiday season.  I can't wait to get the mugs (eggnog cups)....thanks again.  Have a great day!!
Kendra A., New Jersey, USA  2004/11/30

Hello Again, They (eggnog cups) arrived today as promised.  Perfect Condition!!  Thank you very much, Excellent Job!!  Thanks.
Ronald R., Michigan, USA  2004/11/24

Dan, I received the mugs (eggnog cups)!! Thanks so much, my husband was thrilled!!
Cayce B.,  Florida, USA  2004/11/19

Hi Dan, just wanted to let you know that we received the stuff (Canadian souvenirs) yesterday and my girls were very excited.  My youngest already has her Canada tattoo on ... thanks again for your great communication and throwing the extras in there.  Thanks for the luggage tags ... coincidentally I'm probably getting a job where I'll be doing some international travel, so those will go well with the Canadian flag (patch) sewn on my backpack!  Take care and thanks again,
Bob C.,  Oregon, USA  2004/11/14

This is a surprise for my husband for Christmas. We love the (Christmas Vacation) movie and my husband looks like Randy Quaid, I just crack up laughing every time I see the movie.  It is amazing.  I searched for these (moose) mugs.  I really would like them in plastic and would buy an entire set of 12 along with a punch bowl if you carried them.  I have searched for 7 years for these mugs and couldn't find them.  So: here I am to you. Thank you.
Ann-Marie D.,  Michigan, USA  2004/11/04

Just finished browsing your web site.  I will definitely be sending a mail order this week.  You have the best stuff I've seen for orders, unless I am up home visiting and go to the tourist areas.  I have already told a few friends here in south Texas who also originally come from Canada about your site.  It is like a touch of home to look at the products you have and the links you gave, such as for Canadian chocolate bars.
Elspeth T.,  Texas, USA  2004/10/23

Thanks for the quick response!  What a great idea, I will probably give it a try.  Thanks so much for your time and effort.
Tammy T.,  USA  2004/09/27

Actually, I just received it today and the (sports beads) necklaces are awesome!  I know the team is going to love them!  Thanks for all of your help. 
Anicka R., Florida, USA  2004/09/18

Hi Dan, I just wanted to thank you for all your effort in getting our package (of Canadian souvenirs) to us on time.  I feel as though the first attempt at delivering it went badly because I had the wrong postal code so I would like to apologize for that mistake.  However, it was very obvious that you were doing as much work on your end as we were on ours to get this situation under control and in the end, everything was fine.  The package arrived Thursday morning and we were all very happy to see it.  The Multiculturalism Event we put on at the Bank of Montreal on the Friday went amazingly well and the souvenirs were a hit.  The federal government had actually sent us some more Canada Day souvenirs so everyone had something to go home with.  It was great!  Thanks again for all your help and efforts.
Arran C., BMO Bank of Montreal, Ontario, Canada  2004/06/28

I found you through Google under the search words "Canadian Souvenirs."  Best selection out of all the companies that came up and also nice that you don't have to order in bulk.  I'm sending this to a Canadian friend for Canada Day as he's hiking the Appalacian Trail.  Thanks for your help!
Phoebe L., Minnesota, USA  2004/06/07

Dan, Thanks for your great and personable service!  We really appreciate it.  Best of luck with your company.
Michael D., Tennessee, USA  2004/05/28

Hi Dan, Today was my last day at the school I've been teaching at for a year.  It felt so good to give my Korean students something to remember me by.  Oh my god, you were so right about the metal pins --- they're so nice!  The kids loved them.  I have lots of pins left, so I will be giving them to my new students on Tuesday, at my new school.  Thank you very much.
Colin P., South Korea  2004/05/27

Dan, Everything sounds wonderful (with the Canadian souvenir lapel pins) and I'm very pleased with the super-service.
Colin P., South Korea  2004/05/23

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me so soon; I'm impressed with the service!  I mailed my order to you today.  Thanks again for your help, and I look forward to receiving my (Canadian souvenirs) order from you and will definitely being doing business with you again.
Michael S., England  2004/05/07

Oh my God I am blown away!!  You have no idea how many of us out here are like "cult" followers of "Christmas Vacation."  I had no idea there was such a following until today when I went on line to look for those silly moose (mugs) cups!!  A bunch of us get together at Christmas every year to watch that movie and have a party and all this time I was thinking we were the only "weirdos" in the world who did that.  Wow, I am blown away to read all your stuff!  Others are just as crazy!  We have talked over and over and over about getting those moose (mugs) cups but nobody could find them.  Just this morning a bunch of us were talking about it and I decided to take a chance and go on the internet to see if I could find anything and look what I found.  I just can't believe it!!  Thank you, thank you!
John M., California, USA  2004/04/18

Hello Dan, I spoke to you many times before Christmas about ordering the eggnog cups.  I got them in good shape, and my Dad absolutely went crazy over them!  Thanks again for everything you guys do and for making my Dad a very happy man!  Sincerely.
Erin R., Oklahoma, USA  2004/01/10

Thank you so much for fulfilling my order (of Canadian souvenirs) so quickly.  The products were used for my daughter's Cultural Fair project spotlighting your beautiful country.  My daughter's presentation on Canada was yesterday and for her display, she had the syrup bottles with the cookies out, the hockey moose and flags on a large backboard.  It was a big hit and everyone commented on the packaging.  Americans here find it so fascinating to see the French words along with the English.  We sponsor a Canadian hockey player who is from Ottawa, he looked at her items and confirmed that it was a true presentation of your country.  I think our whole family learned a lot about Canada in these last few weeks, including every word of the national anthem!!  By the way, my daughter scored a 105 on the project out of a possible 100 points.  She received an extra five points for all her creativity in the display.  Thank you again for your products, it was great to be able to order from one place and get everything we needed to make the project a big success.  Most Sincerely.
Debbi L., Georgia, USA  2003/12/13

Two years ago I worked with two glass blowers and a ceramics artist to try to create an "eggnog moose cup" working from a still frame from the movie.  Got close, but no joy.  My son found your site a few weeks ago.  We couldn't believe it!  Thanks.
Mark B., California, USA  2003/11/26

Just a quick note to say how much I love my eggnog cups.  I ordered them for my father who has wanted them ever since I was a little girl.  Thanks to all of you, this will be one Christmas gift he'll never forget.  Thanks again and God bless!  Sincerely.
Nicolle Q., Nevada, USA  2003/11/19

Dan: UNBELIEVABLE...The eggnog cups have already arrived!!!  Thanks a million.
Roger D., Illinois, USA  2003/11/14

Dear Dan, I received my Moose Mugs on Friday.  Only one week from order to delivery...I was so impressed!!!!!  They 're really great looking Mugs...I can hardly wait to see everyone's face when I bring them out for our annual 'Christmas Vacation' movie ritual on Thanksgiving evening.  Thanks again.
Pat C., New York, USA  2003/11/10

Hello Dan: I did get the mugs today!!  Actually my husband opened the door and saw the boxes.  He knew though that I told him if anything comes don't touch it...just let me know!!  They are awesome!!!  I don't know if I can keep a straight face when we watch Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving.  These are Christmas presents for him!! Thanks.
Colleen K., New York, USA  2003/11/07

Dan: I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt service.  The moose (eggnog) cups have arrived - the cups look FANTASTIC.  Very well done with high quality.  These are great.  Thanks again.
Roger D., Illinois, USA  2003/10/03

Hi Dan, Wow!!!  The (moose) mugs arrived today and they are terrific.  They were packed very well and arrived intact.  I don't think I can wait till Christmas to give them to my dad.  Thanks!!!!
Lynne B., Maryland, USA  2003/09/15

Thanks for the confirmation.  The eggnog cups are great and are destined to be a hit.  Thank you for your speedy and professional handling of this order.
Cindy R., Mississippi, USA  2003/08/26

Got the order (of maple syrup)!  Everything's great!  Thank you so much.  I wish my company was planning more trips to Canada so I could order more cool stuff from you!
Stephany C., Florida, USA  2003/08/26

Thank you!  These (moose mugs) will be a wonderful addition to the wedding and a welcomed surprise for the groom!  Thanks for your assistance with shipping so quickly.
Heidi H., Illinois, USA  2003/08/19

Thank you Dan.  I wanted to let you know that I received my Bear Claw Servers and was very pleased with the quality of the merchandise and the prompt arrival.  Thank you for being so nice and friendly.  I must say that this was the quickest and most helpful response I have ever received back when I had questions about a purchase.  I'm impressed.  I want to visit your country some day.  I have been lots of places but never to Canada.  I have always heard it is a very very beautiful place.  Cheers to you!
Rhonda M., Tennessee, USA  2003/08/19

Thank you Dan!  I will let you know when they (eggnog cups) arrive and the status of the shipment.  This will be the best party ever.  How much fun is it when you go to a party and you get a Moose "eggnog" cup and the Christmas Vacation soundtrack as a party favor?  I can't wait for the person who gets "Jelly of the Month" as the crown prize.  Thanks again and this will bring many laughs for the years to come.  PS. You don't know of anyone who can cook a turkey like the movie do you?
Laura S., Texas, USA  2003/08/18

Perfect (eggnog cups), you are the best..wait til I send you pic' husband is Clark Griswold....
Debbi K., Oregon, USA  2003/08/13

Thanks (for the Canadian souvenirs).  Love your website!!!!  Have a great day!
Julie T., Texas, USA  2003/08/12

Dan, Thanks for the great turn-around time on the shipment (of Canadian souvenirs), and for the great merchandise!  Better quality than I was expecting from the pictures.  I am an elementary school teacher and was very happy to find a lanyard for my ID badge with a bit of an 'international flavor'.  I will probably be ordering from your company again in the future.  Thanks again.
Patrick F., Nebraska, USA  2003/07/05

Hey Dan: Just to let you know that we've received our order (of Canadian souvenirs) - very pleased.  This reached us in La Paz in 10 days! - Wow - efficiency.  Thanks much - the Canadian Consulate will likely be back to you for future events!
Nicole T., International Development Assistance Consultant, La Paz, Bolivia  2003/06/20

Hello Dan, Thank you very much for the packet (of Canadian souvenirs)!  I got them today and I came straight from the post office to let u know that I got them.  I love this little moose and he looks soooo Kute!  This pack has already given me a BIG SMILE!  So just dropped by to say THANK YOU AND I GOT THEM.
Khine K., Sydney, Australia  2003/06/12

PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks so much (for the neckties).  Look forward to doing business with you again!  Cheers!
Heidi H., Ontario, Canada  2003/06/11

Hi Dan - thanks for your prompt service.  The shipment (of Canadian souvenirs) is heading to La Paz, Bolivia.  The Canadian Consulate is hosting a big Canada Day event - I am the consultant who is arranging the party.  These events are especially meaningful when Canadians are living overseas - appreciate your assistance.  I will pass your website over to my colleagues at the Consulate so perhaps you will get more business from them for future parties.  I look forward to receiving the order and appreciate your efficiency.  Best regards.
Nicole T., International Development Assistance Consultant, La Paz, Bolivia  2003/06/09

Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know I received the package today with all my Canadian (souvenirs) stuff.  My mum and daughter will be thrilled that it came before they head off to England on holiday so they can show off some Canadian pride!  It was a pleasure dealing with your company and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my Canuck friends! :-) .  Best regards.
Lise A., Dubai, United Arab Emirates  2003/06/04

Hi ya Dan, Thanks so much for the info.  I have faxed off the order this morning (which is still the middle of the night for you lot!).  Hey, I would MUCH rather have friendly, prompt correspondence than "bells n whistles" any old day!  If there are any problems with my order, please don't hesitate to let me know.  It's been a pleasure corresponding with you over this order and I look forward to receiving my Canadian (souvenirs) stuff!  Hope you have a super day!  Best regards.
Lise A., Dubai, United Arab Emirates  2003/05/20

Hello, (Canadian souvenirs) shipment has arrived here safely.  Thanks very much.  Best wishes.
Bernd G., Germany  2003/05/08

Thank you, I can't wait for next Christmas!  I plan to surprise my wife with eggnog (in a moose cup (mug), of course) and a newly purchased DVD of "Christmas Vacation", on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, to kick off our Christmas Season.  Thanks in advance for making it special.
Joe W., South Carolina, USA  2003/05/05

Dear Sir.  Received your USA-Israel Flag Lapel pins and they are fantastic.  The dozen I got are gone already.  I need to reorder and was totally unprepared for the demand.  Might need as many as 100 of them or even more.  Thank you.
Grant I., Florida, USA  2003/04/20

Dan, patience paid off.  The (horsehair) shoo-flies came today and they are very nice.  Thanks.
Keith C., Georgia, USA  2003/04/08

I just wanted to let you know - I received the moose plates and they are beautiful.  Thanks so much.
Penny M., Illinois, USA  2003/04/02

Just received them (dual flag pins) today, and they look fabulous, many thanks.
Mona L., Alberta, Canada  2003/03/19

Dan, Received the eggnog moose mugs (eggnog cups) in excellent condition.  Thanks for everything.  We'll send you a picture as soon as we get one.  Thanks again.
Jim & Beth W., Pennsylvania, USA  2003/03/18

Hey, Dan, you have been wonderfully attentive to my (souvenir flag shirts) order, thank you so much.  If all y'all are like that up there, I truly do want to be Canadian!  Thank you again so much for your time and kind attention.  All the best.
Barb G., Texas, USA  2003/03/05

Dan, I received the eggnog cups yesterday, just in time for the birthday party.  My son is going to be so surprised.  He had been trying to find some like this for several years and we found your website too late for Christmas.  They are perfect for his 40th Birthday.  Thanks again and we're very pleased.
Gail W., Mississippi, USA  2003/02/28

Hi Dan, Brill - Just to let you know that the parcel arrived safely this morning (Thursday): extremely prompt delivery, and all (maple syrup) items are great!!  Thanks again.
Helen T., Northern Ireland  2003/01/16

Hi Dan, Happy New Year to all at CanadianMoose!  I just thought I'd drop a quick line to say that I used the Bear Claws you sent to us at a dinner over Christmas and my sisters absolutely loved them and said they were by far the best salad servers they'd ever used!  You were right, quite a talking point!  Best regards
Elaine A., England  2003/01/07

Dan, my eggnog cups arrived today...safely packed into 750,000,099 cubic inches of dense foam rubber.  Are these not
the cutest things on the planet?  I'm taking one to work to use for my morning coffee.  No sense wasting a perfectly good moose (eggnog) cup on December!!!  Thank you so much for continuing to brave the challenges of the moose!  Happy New Year!
April W., USA  2003/01/04

Hey there Dan!  The piece (on the eggnog cups) went beautifully!  And thank you!  I'm sorry I didn't get in touch with you earlier, the holiday schedule has been crazy!  But we had it on our unique gifts package about three weeks ago and then last week I rented "Christmas Vacation" and showed everyone the greatest gift I had ever found... We did this last week.  I am putting together a copy for you and I will send it out ASAP!  I'm heading to work at the Rose Bowl down in LA this next week but once I get back I will ship you out a copy!!!  I hope you had a great Holiday! and have a wonderful New Year!!!  Ohhhh and you made my dad's Christmas!  He even had tears in his eyes!
 Paul Horton, KXLY TV, Spokane, Washington, USA  2002/12/27

Moose-t be Santa: Film fanatics find perfect prop for their own 'Christmas vacation'

Ready for a yuletide story?  There's a real heart-warmer behind these goofy moose eggnog cups in the picture, beginning with the fact that I and so many others are unabashed fan of the classic movie, "Christmas Vacation," starring Chevy Chase.  Chevy plays Clark Griswold, the sincere but hapless family man who tries with all his might to have the best darned Christmas ever for kith and kin (an alliteration he boggles in the movie as only he can.)  He is truly a one-man Christmas fiend.  He finds a giant tree in the wild and crams it into his living room.  He hangs thousands of lights on his house.  He fights with the yuppies next door who don't understand his love of the season -- all the while embracing an ensemble cast of wacky extended family members.  My favorite is the free-loading trailer-park cousin played pitch-perfect by Randy Quaid.  Which brings us to the eggnog cups.  There is a scene in this classic tale in which Quaid and Chase are toasting the season, each with a cup of eggnog poured into glass cups adorned with a set of antlers.  True "Christmas Vacation" diehards could quote lines of dialogue, just ask.  In any event, at some point before my own Christmas, having just had our traditional annual showing of the flick at home, I began to wonder if I could find a reasonable facsimile of the (eggnog) cups.  Don't ask me why, but I got it into my head that somebody somewhere must be making them.  After spending just 10 minutes on the Internet, I had my somebody. Dan Herauf of Calgary -- yes, that Calgary -- has for two years now been offering the moose eggnog cups inspired by the movie.  Orders have been so brisk this year that a bulletin on his Web page warns that all (eggnog) cups for the Christmas 2002 season are sold out.  But here's the good news: He's already getting ready for 2003.
Herauf was a computer programmer who began this quirky business with his brother.  At first, it was essentially a Web site ( that offered a few products like salad bowls and holders for rolls of toilet paper.  "I didn't think of eggnog cups at first," he said in a telephone interview from his home, which also doubles as his base of operations.  But with the Web site carrying the word "moose," he was soon deluged with Web surfers who wondered if he had the famous moose cups from the movie.  "It was incredible," he said. "I have learned a lot from this, and what I learned is that this movie has a real cult following.  It's like `The Rocky Horror Picture Show.'"  One man wanted a half-dozen cups for the formal table at his wedding.  Others told him how they had "Christmas Vacation" viewing parties, dressing up like the characters and drinking eggnog.  Demand was so strong that it didn't take Herauf long to decide he should follow the first rule of business: Give the customer what they want, even if you don't have it at first.  From those humble beginnings, the eggnog cups are now his prime product.  He did call Warner Brothers, the studio that produced "Christmas Vacation."  He wanted to get a better idea of how to design the (eggnog) cups.  But a props manager who worked on the movie told him the actual (eggnog) cups used in the film were custom-made and had probably been destroyed or lost long ago.
So Herauf went to work, talking to glassblowers and other artists, before settling on the design for the (eggnog) cups he sells.  So is he a true-blue "Christmas Vacation" diehard too?  "I like it," Herauf said.  But, no, the man wasn't about to quote any lines of dialogue.  I guess that leaves the job to me.  There's a line that Chevy Chase's father delivers to his son when he first sees the house all lit up, a line that applies nicely to the eggnog cup: "It's a beaut, Clark!"
To order your own eggnog cups so you can sit around the hearth and pretend you're Randy Quaid and Chevy Chase, simply log onto and follow the instructions.  The eggnog cups are $50.40 each, in U.S. dollars.  That includes shipping.  So merry Christmas vacation, and to all, a good cup of eggnog.
Tom Moroney, Daily News Tribune Newspaper, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA  2002/12/26

Hello, my name is Tina, I ordered 4 (moose) mugs from you, and we love them.  They sat with us at the Xmas table.  Thank you again.
Tina B., Illinois, USA  2002/12/25

Dan: Donna's (horsehair art) belt for Mark arrived today - safe, sound and just beautiful!  I am emotionally moved with the PERFECT results in all categories and now am anxious for Mark's return from the holidays to receive the gift.  I feel strongly he will also be pleased.  Happy Holidays with a huge thank you for helping with this.  My best to you and yours.
Sylvia P., Maine, USA  2002/12/23 

Dear Canadian Moose - I want to thank everyone involved in getting the moose eggnog cups out in such a timely manner...even though it may not have seemed that way.  I frequently read your updates and thanks to your hard work and persistence, I received my (eggnog) cup just before Christmas.  It must be very nerve wracking and overwhelming trying to get all the orders out on time but you did a great job!!
Just to give you a little background as to why I was hoping to receive it before Christmas, 2 years ago my brother bought me a Leg Lamp (from A Christmas of our favorite Christmas movies).  He built an identical crate for it with Fragile written across it and all.  It was a complete surprise to me and ever since, I've wanted to get him something just as spectacular from one of our favorite movies.  When I saw Christmas Vacation, I thought of finding an eggnog cup like the one Clark and Eddie used for their eggnog.  I did a search on the web thinking I'd never find anything but then came across your site.  My brother is going to be blown away to get this for Christmas!  Never would he think to receive something so unique and funny!
Thanks again to everyone for their hard work!  You should all be proud of yourselves for a job well done!  Sincerely
Jennifer P., Connecticut, USA  2002/12/21

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  We love the eggnog cups.  We followed all your notes and yes, they came just as you promised (I was so tempted to call).  Just to let you know we also have the dickey and sweater that Eddie wears in the eggnog scene.  Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Pam V., Illinois, USA  2002/12/18

Dan, I got the (eggnog) cups today (2 days early) despite the incorrect zip code I gave you guys!!  They are perfect and you were right...I ordered the eggnog cups.  Thanks for your help and I apologize for disturbing you but I'm thrilled to have them!  Thank you again!!
Gary M., Kentucky, USA  2002/12/17

I got my eggnog cups.  They are great.  No breakage.  I can't wait to give to my husband on Christmas morning.  You guys made my year!  Thanks.
Georgia T., Oklahoma, USA  2002/12/16

Hello!  We absolutely love this movie (Christmas Vacation)!  Why not have a Christmas Vacation trivia game?  My husband, brother-in-law & I can pretty much recite the movie so I thought this would be a fun game.  I just found out about these mugs but rest assured I will be getting them for next Christmas!  Let me know what you think.  Have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas this side of the nuthouse.
Amy P., USA  2002/12/15

Dan, the Moose Eggnog Cups arrived yesterday in absolutely flawless condition.  The anticipation really builds when you are trying to get the cups out of the packaging.  They were really secured well in there. :)  The cups are straight out of the movie and I'm still laughing to myself.  They're great!  Thanks again.
Michael K., Illinois, USA  2002/12/12

Dan, just to let you know that I picked the eggnog cups up from our post office Saturday morning, all intact, and my wife is well pleased, which is testament to your packaging, as some of the boxes where punctured but the mugs (eggnog cups) were OK.  Dan, its been an experience, thanks for your attention and making it work as smoothly as possible.  You have a good Christmas.  Regards.
John C., England  2002/12/09

We got them!!!!  The moose mugs (eggnog cups) are great!!!!!!  They are sure to be a classic in our house!!
Paula J., Pennsylvania, USA  2002/12/06

Hi - I would like to thank you for the prompt shipment of my order of Canadian pins.  They arrived in excellent shape, well packaged, and exactly as described on your web site.  Thank you for the gift of the Canadian flag luggage tag - it was very thoughtful of you to send this.  You should know that all of the above is destined for my son, who, with two friends, is backpacking around the UK and Europe.  They are presently in Austria and will be giving out the pins as they travel, as souvenirs of Canada.  So on behalf of these three teenagers, I thank you.  Sincerely.
Brenda G., Ontario, Canada  2002/12/04

Our 6 replacement Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs arrived without any breakage.  We are looking forward to eggnog with our family on Christmas Eve.  Thanks for the great service!
Patricia R., Idaho, USA  2002/11/29

Hello, I just received my order (smoked salmon).  Everything is great.  Thanks for your help!
Edward L., Vienna, Austria  2002/11/20

Hi Dan.  Thank you so much for your email and I understand you spoke to my husband, Andy yesterday who confirmed we would like to go ahead with the order.  You're right it is a lot of money on postage but I was so excited when I found your website that I just had to have the (e, I'd been searching for them for so long.  Maybe one day we will be able to visit Canada and add a few more to the collection, I'm interested in the eggnog bowl!!!  I greatly look forward to receiving my e and I understand you kindly included some (Bear Claws) salad servers.  Many thanks and have a wonderful Christmas.  Kindest regards.
Elaine A., England  2002/11/20

Dan:  I am not much of a computer person.  My daughter found your web site.  We received the moose mugs last week.  Appreciate the fast turnaround time.  I thought they were great and my kids will love them.  We watch Chevy Chase National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie at least 3x over the holidays.  They are wrapped and hidden from my big kids inquiring eyes.  Have a great holiday.
Dora M., Ohio, USA  2002/11/10

Hello, I received this order today.  All 4 (moose) mugs were in perfect condition.  Very good packing!  We look forward to watching the movie while sipping eggnog this Christmas.  Thank you.
Kermit M., Ohio, USA  2002/10/17

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  I guess what people say on your web site about good service is true!  I'll be calling shortly for some Eggnog cups.
Garrick C., Alberta, Canada  2002/09/27

Oh how absolutely cool!!!  I stumbled upon your website trying to locate the Rant -- as due to mine being deleted somehow.  I am so excited.  I am getting married to a Canadian and moving to Canada in March 2003.  I only get across the border once a month and I always stop at duty-free (and of course I have shopped at Roots) but your site is a blessing.  I am unable to order at this time but I thank you so much for providing such a service.  Even though I am an American now, proudly, I will say soon "I am Canadian!"  Thanks again, I will contact you soon with an order.
Loe (Canadian under construction!), USA  2002/09/20

Thanks for your prompt response-----you are way ahead of schedule---which is great---I was hoping to get by Christmas!!  Thanks
Jack C., Georgia, USA  2002/09/11

Dan, thanks for the info!  If only customer service were so good in all companies!!!  Have a great day!
Lesley C., Quebec, Canada  2002/09/05

Hi Dan.  I received my USA jacket last weekend - it's great!  It was also a real pleasure to talk to you by phone and hear more about that beautiful Canadian paradise that you call home.  Keep CANADIAN MOOSE going strong!  Thanks again for a beautiful, well-made product.
Barbara S., Massachusetts, USA  2002/09/05

Hello Dan, yes I received the package today and the (eggnog) cup is in good "health"!!  Your new packaging system seems to be working.  I want to thank you for making sure all my (eggnog) cups arrived intact and making sure you have a satisfied customer.  Which by the way I am. You have a life long customer and of course I will be checking out your web site for any further items.  Again, Dan I want to thank you for your efforts.
Mike R., Washington, USA  2002/08/16

Hi Dan, We received the eggnog cups today.  My husband was absolutely thrilled with them.  He put them in the china cabinet and can't wait to get some eggnog to replay CHRISTMAS VACATION.  He even called his brother to share his excitement over the (eggnog) cups (he is also a Christmas Vacation movie fan).  While we did not have eggnog tonight, we did drink out of them for our dinner meal.  It was great fun.  Thank you.  It was worth the wait.  :)
Dawn R., New Hampshire, USA  2002/08/15

Hi Dan - Success!!  My eggnog cups arrived safe and sound in Connecticut.  Thanks for your persistence in getting this job done.
Karin M., Connecticut, USA  2002/08/15


(conversation thread shown in purple)

Hi, I'd like to place an order for eggnog cups and I'm trying to verify whether or not my order, if placed within the next 2-3 days, would be ready for Christmas.  Please let me know.  Thanks.
Sandy M., California, USA  2002/08/06

Sandy, hello and thanks for contacting!  I apologize for the confusion that we are probably causing with our eggnog cups. As you probably read, we are in the middle of testing shipments, with new packaging methods, for the eggnog cups. Unless we completely discontinue the eggnog cups, you should be able to get your eggnog cups for Christmas (if ordered soon). We don't process your credit card until we actually send your order out so you won't be out any money if we can't get your order out by Christmas. Once we solve the shipping issue (so the eggnog cups don't break during transit), we should be able to catch up on orders rather quickly.  I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any other information.  Thanks and have a great day, Sandy!
Dan Herauf,  2002/08/06

OH NO DAN - SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!!!!! Please do not tell me you're considering discontinuing the eggnog cups.... I have searched high and low to find the God-like moose eggnog cups for not only myself, but also as a gift for my nephew, who will be graduating from college in December. I have earned the reputation as being able to find ANYTHING (but until now, the moose has eluded me) - so getting these for him will elevate me to God-like status in his eyes. Watching Christmas vacation is a family tradition.... and for years now we have ALL coveted the eggnog cup.  I will do my best to fax my order to you tomorrow (or can I e-mail the order and phone in the credit card?). One more question - if I buy 4 eggnog cups, but want two sent to Florida (for my nephew) and two sent to California (for me) - will the discount still apply? If not, no big deal - I MUST HAVE THOSE EGGNOG CUPS!!!!! 
Thanks for your quick reply - and please... please.... PLEASE DAN - DON'T DISCONTINUE THE EGGNOG CUP!!!!!
Sandy M., California, USA  2002/08/06

Sandy, hello again! Thanks for your words of support - we are doing our best to continue these eggnog cups but it almost getting to the point where it would be safer (and cheaper) to hand-deliver these things! How much carry-on luggage are you allowed, anyway?! Not a problem with splitting your order up between Florida and California. And yes, I will still give you the discount - we are here to make friends, not enemies.... That's it for now - thanks, again, for your interest and patience, Sandy. Have a great day!
Dan Herauf,  2002/08/06

(e-mail was titled "moose mug plea")
Dear Dan, I'm beggin' ya! Please don't discontinue the moose mugs.  I am the sister of Sandy, the author of the recent plaintive plea to re-evaluate your thoughts of discontinuing the moose mugs. I am also the mother of the college graduate who Sandy intends to get the mugs for. My son has been a fan of Christmas Vacation since he was a small child and he has received CV related gifts over the years to include Cousin Eddie's dickie and a V neck sweater to wear is with, the wooden turny decoration that Eddie knocks to pieces, and several plastic squirrels (its a little squeaky noise....). NOTHING, but nothing could compare to the moose mugs, however, and my sister and I have combed antique shops over multiple states in search of the elusive mug. For over 15 years the moose mug has been our holy grail (we're Monty Python fans too....). When Sandy found them on your website she knew she had found the perfect gift to reward my son when he graduates early from college. She knows that bestowing that gift ! will elevate her to the high priestess of gifting! It will also be a remembrance my son will cherish for years. So....please, please, please, don't continue the mugs: at least until Sandy can fulfill her life's search. Thanks for listening--
Sharon L., Florida, USA  2002/08/07

Sharon, hello! Thanks for your note - I am finding out there is quite the moose mug following out there! We're doing our best to get over the 'packaging and shipping' bug right now (for the eggnog cups only; the moose mugs are more bullet-proof (being completely hand-blown) and ship much better). If we can solve this bugs, the continuance of the eggnog cups will be assured.  Thanks for your words of support. We will do our best!  Have a great day, Sharon (coincidentally, I have an older sister named Sharon)!
Dan Herauf,  2002/08/07

(e-mail was titled "bribes, offers, and cajoling")
Dear Dan, Thanks for your note! I am breathing easier now, with a glimmer of hope that the moose eggnog cup shall adorn my son's hand in his after graduation soiree. Even as we speak, I am composing my moving tribute to you that will be used as the first ceremonial toast. That, of course, will be followed later in the ceremony by the Chevy Chase diatribe about Bing Crosby dancing with Danny f-ing Kay. My sister almost knows that one by heart! 
I read in Sandy's note that she is offering bribes. Note to you: she makes wonderful brownies with some sort of liquor in them and her choco-cherry walnut bars have been known to move strong men to tears (when they found out the bars were all gone). Maybe you should just make her 'bring you a shrubbery!" (I figure you MUST be a Monty Python fan, aren't you?)
Perhaps you should just elect to fly down here with the cups and join the graduation celebration. We shall lift you on our shoulders and parade you triumphantly through beautiful downtown Lutz (approx. 2 blks long) as you hold the moose mugs on high (strapped carefully to your hands under which a safety net shall be strung).
Here's hoping all the 'bugs' get worked out of the shipping process and please remember that the word 'fragile' brings out the absolute worst in American postal workers. Sandy says you all laughed about Jim Carrey's routine in Ace Ventura. That would have been funnier if it wasn't so close to the truth! Thanks again for working with Sandy to fulfill this special gift!
PS-We shall send you a photo of Jason in his dickie, hoisting the eggnog cup. It might make a lovely testimonial for your web page.....
Sharon (yes, I too am the oldest sibling) L., Florida, USA  2002/08/07

Sharon, hello again! Coincidentally, I am one of the Knights That Say Ni. We will do what we can and hopefully, Jason, can have the cups in time to eat, drink, and be merry!  P.S. I am open to any and all bribes - the address is below (I am a mushroom in the basement!). Keep in touch, Sharon!
Dan,  2002/08/07

As a knight who says 'ni' - you are quite brave AND efficient... I've been keeping up with the status on the webpage, and, if I'm not dreaming - it looks as if there will be a shipment of eggnog cups heading to Florida and California in the near future. YEAH!!!!!!!
This is, without a doubt, the most anticipated shipment I've ever ordered. I can't wait for my sister Sharon to call and tell me you mistakenly sent my two eggnog cups to her - she'll be thrilled when I tell her it's no mistake - that she gets two of her own for Christmas. I can't thank you enough for working with me on these Dan - this really will make me the Goddess of gifting.... I must admit - Sharon and I were ready to have you fly the eggnog cups to Florida and show you a good 'ole Southern Christmas (complete with spiked eggnog and black dickies). Thanks again - I'll be in touch when my treasures arrive. Many, many, MANY thanks!!!!!!!!
Sandy M., California, USA  2002/09/12

Sandy, hello! Yes, you are next on the list - with any luck, your order should be going out by early next week (that is when we get our next shipment in). Thanks for the support and just send me another shrubbery!
Dan,  2002/09/12

Hi Dan, I just checked the website and was THRILLED to see the latest update. I'm just a little nervous and wanted to check and see if you think we're still okay for getting my nephew's graduation gift to Florida by December 21st. Also, my sister has asked that I get your shirt size as she has found something that "Dan MUST have"... so, please let me know so I can pass the requested info along. Hope all is well with you. Take care.
Sandy M., California, USA  2002/11/14

Sandy, hello! Yes, we have finally received a new shipment of eggnog cups - we will be getting into the packing of them right away tomorrow. Your order is on top of the pile - sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience, Sandy. We should have no problem making the Dec 21st deadline - we are still even pushing for Thanksgiving to get caught up. Regarding shirt size, I wear an XL or XXL (tall and lean and dislike tight clothing). Will I have to pose wearing the shirt? Thanks and have a great day, Sandy!
Dan,  2002/11/14

(e-mail was titled "As Aunt PittyPat said to Uncle Peter...")
...I am SURE the 'Gone With the Wind ' allusion did not escape you...
"Get me my smelling salts. I believe I am suffering from the vapors!"
Yes, it's true (insert mental picture of me breathing steadily into a small brown paper bag) -- the eagle has landed; the mugs (eggnog cups) are in the house!  My dogs alerted me to an intruder in their midst and I gazed out the window (more than half expecting to see my father -- AKA "the drop in king") and my sight was obscured by a large FedEx truck backing into my driveway.  My heart began to beat faster: my breathing accelerated.  "Be calm" I cautioned out loud.  "Don't get your hopes up."  Now perhaps this is the time to advise you that I have watched each approaching FedEx truck with childlike anticipation over the past month.  "Are they slowing down?" I asked myself.  "Is he looking this way?"  But, alas, they passed me by with only a smile and a wave.... (they are a friendly lot, these FedEx guys.... I attribute it to their knowing they get to kick our packages around for hours as they pack the truck.)
But --- I digress ---.  I watched the truck as it backed up slowly.  My thoughts drifted from "please tell me he's not just turning around" to "hey! are you blind? do you see that car there?"  Finally a man appeared at the side of the truck and he was carrying a large brown box.  "Damn", I said out loud for no particular reason (allusion to Forest Gump -- another favorite movie).  "Unless Dan has sent me the god-like moose punch bowl, that box is too big!"
I disheartenedly met the delivery man (some people just should NOT wear shorts...) and he pointed out a note that said, "Sharon, read this first."  Now since most of my friends assume I am clever enough to master the fine art of opening a package, my anticipation again kicked into first gear (knowing that some Canadians think we Southerners are a backward lot) and my eyes scanned the package for a return address.  The sight of your return address label was as welcome as a airline manifest with no middle eastern surnames on it.  "Yes!" I chortled with glee: "they're here!"
"Something you were looking forward to?" asked the semi-deafened FedEx guy.
"If you only knew" I responded.
I rushed into the house to grab my phone and call Sandy at work.  I reasoned that even though she couldn't be with me in person as I gazed lovingly on what I previously thought to be unobtainable, at least she could be involved in the moment via the phone lines.  "They're here!" I squealed when she answered the phone.  "Are they all right?" she asked. "I don't know" I said. "I'm going to open them with you on the phone."
Upon further inspection, I saw that the big box was in fact four boxes and she told me that two of the mugs (eggnog cups) were for me. All the blood rushed to my head and I was overcome with the thrill of ownership.  I may never ride inside of a Trojan Rabbit, but at least I can die a happy woman, knowing I was one of the chosen few who are allowed to possess the moose mug (eggnog cup)!
I attempted to carefully follow your instructions, reading thru them before putting cutting implement to tape.  I took a deep breath and sliced thru the tape and promptly opened the bottom of the first box! "Would it have killed him to mark 'this side up' on the box?" I asked Sandy.  "Point that out to him" she recommended.  So, suffice it to say that my first experience with unpacking the mug (eggnog cup) was done in reverse. And --- I must say it's easier to open it from the bottom.....
L-O-N-G story shortened to a mini series: the mugs (eggnog cups) have arrived in Lutz in perfect condition and you are to be lauded as the absolute god of packaging.  Good news is I can drink all kinds of things out of mine before Jason gets his for his graduation gift.  Bad news is the bum is coming home tonite and will put a cramp in my sipping moose nectar for four days...
Thanks again for all your special attention and the effort you made to get them to us before Jason's big day.  I assure you there is nothing on earth that I know of, short of winning the lottery, that would give him more pleasure than the moose mugs (eggnog cups) will.  We will send you some photo's of the grinning graduate.  Should he wear the dickey??  I believe "yes" is the proper answer....
Christmas Vacation will never be the same....
P.S. Please send me your mailing address so I can send you a special surprise I found.  The address label on the boxes was messed up on the left side and I could not make out the full address.
Sharon L., Florida, USA  2002/11/27

Sharon, hello! Glad to hear the cups arrived OK - I really hope you enjoy them! Thanks for the kind words of support - we are hoping we can keep up this 'better' delivery track record (I keep on knocking on wood a gazillion times a day!). Our mailing address is located at the bottom of this message - I look forward to your secret gift. Hope the J man has a wonderful graduation and the eggnog cups are a nice gift for him - yes, please send pictures. Thanks, again, Sharon - have a great Thanksgiving!
P.S. We used to write 'this side up' and 'caution: glass' and 'fragile', etc. on the boxes but that only served as better targets for the delivery boys. Now, we rely on the intuition of our customers to assume that the top of the box is where all the address labels and such are. You'll know next time! Thanks, Sharon.
Dan,  2002/11/27

Good morning Dan!  You cannot imagine my joy and excitement when my husband called me at work yesterday to tell me "The moose mugs are here!"  I was even more thrilled when he said the boxes were in perfect condition and he heard no rattling of broken glass.  He, too, is wise - and knew it was best if he let ME open the package.
Suffice to say, I rushed home after work and, after carefully reading the 'unpacking' directions twice, carefully cut into the first box.  Now, I've only have about 65 hours of college - so I worked slowly to remove all the (version 3) packing (which is an engineering marvel, if you ask me) and low and behold - BEHOLD (sung joyously) - there was my first eggnog cup.  I gently lifted it out - using the exact grip noted in the instructions - and VIOLA!!! - he was/is PERFECT!!!!!  It was truly love at first sight!
A similar reverent unwrapping occurred with the second box - with the same results - PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am THRILLED, to say the least.  The sky looks a little bluer today - the air a little cleaner... and I owe it all to you, Dan the man!!!!
Seriously - I really appreciate you getting my order to me in time to enjoy the first viewing of Christmas Vacation (which occurs Thanksgiving night).  I can only imagine what a headache it's been getting the packaging right - but you seem to have found the perfect solution.  I now anxiously await the phone call from Sharon telling me the cups have arrived in Florida.  My nephew phoned me last weekend to wish me a happy birthday and commented how sad he was that we'd be spending another Christmas without the God-like eggnog cups............ He's not going to believe it when he opens his gift!!!  I promise to send a couple of photos so you can share the moment with Sharon and me......
Again - thank you for ALL you've done to get my order processed.  Happy holidays to you and yours.
Hugs and kisses!!!!!
Sandy M., California, USA  2002/11/27

Sandy, hello! Thanks for letting me know - glad to hear you are happy with them! Yes, please send photos when you get some. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and an excellent Christmas season, Sandy - take care!
Dan,  2002/11/27

(e-mail was titled "for the moose mug making god...")
Dan, Dan, Dan, Either you are in hospital (as they say in England--your mother country, or were you guys French? I can't keep up) or you didn't get my last email thanking you for the wonderful moose mugs. I KNOW you would have responded with your typical witty and non-unlike us McCracken girls humor. the interest of fairness, I am resending the email. I hope you have received your "thank you surprise." If not, I assure you it is better than a shrubbery.....
I'll check in with you in a week or two, or perhaps you could drop me or Sandy a line when you receive your godlike gift. FYI--Sandy is in Florida for 2 weeks, so if you choose to send a note to me, we both can reply from beautiful downtown Lutz...
Happy Holidays from both of us. PS-We will update you on the presentation ritual.
Sharon L., Florida, USA  2002/12/15

We crossed in the email! How funny is that? When I sent the email to you just now, I pulled up my received mail and there you were, about an hour ahead of me. Oh my god--are we on the same wavelength?? Run away! Run away!!!
PS-We are so please that you like the shirt. You will either be the envy of all who see you OR you'll be locked away in a rubber room with long sleeves that lock in the back. Is it protocol for a Knight Who Says Ni to wear said shirt under his armor????
Sharon L., Florida, USA / Sandy M., California, USA  2002/12/15

(e-mail was titled "Flesh Wound - I will wear it with pride!")
Sandy & Sharon, howdy! A very boisterous but quick (for I am still rushing to get more of these mugs/cups out the door) thank-you for the t-shirt. I will certainly be styling tonight. Who'd believe they would make things like this? I hope you both (and all your loved ones) have a wonderful and joyous holiday season. Please send us pics if you get a moment - I really want to get this photo page going. Take care, ladies, and, as always, have a great day!
Dan Herauf,  2002/12/15

Happy Holidays Dan!!! Thought you'd enjoy our montage of photos... we've done a little of everything - from the dickie to the rabbit with 'big sharp pointy teeth'. You'll notice a couple of Jason looking into the tree...he heard a 'funny little squeaky noise'. One of our favorites is Jason in the dickie, the wife beater (as the sleeveless undershirt is known in Florida), the bathrobe and socks with sandals - why, you may ask - well, the shitter was full !!! Anyway, we're sending 12 photos to you in groups of 5 (my brother-in-laws e-mail is funky). Again, thanks for making Jason's graduation extra special !
Sharon L., Florida, USA / Sandy M., California, USA  2002/12/27 

Sandy, Sharon, hello! Thanks a million for the pics - Jason may be famous someday (that may be good or bad!)! I will be building the 'pictures' page in the next couple of months so keep checking back from time to time. Thanks again for your words of support, the awesome Monty Python t-shirt (the boys at hockey are supremely jealous), and your great spirit. We will continue to try to get different products out (next is plastic cups and hopefully, the punchbowl 'attachments') as soon as we can. Please keep up the great sense of humor (it is contagious!) and please keep in touch! Thanks and have a great New Year's!
Dan,  2002/12/27


Hi Dan, Many thanks for your prompt reply, I'm really blown away by the service, great stuff.  Look forward to receiving order...Best regards.
Ian H., Adelaide, Australia  2002/08/01

Dear Dan, I wanted to thank you for the courtesy of replying, and for your referral.  Too often, it seems, simple gestures of common courtesy seem almost to be a part of a different era.
Craig  2002/05/13

Thank you for your help!  That was very nice of you.
Jo-Ann G., Ontario, Canada  2002/04/09

Hi Dan, I've received the pins.  Looks real good!!  And the (maple syrup) candies are great.  Thanx!!
Elizabeth L., Ontario, Canada  2002/02/26

Dan...Received the (moose) mugs in the mail yesterday.  Everything is fine, no breakages.  Thank you very much.
Paul S., Australia  2002/02/25

Thank you so much for your generosity.  I will be buying more products from you!  Thanks again.
Gina M., Washington, USA  2002/02/22

Dear Dan, This is Dave from Chicago.  I just want to say thanks for everything.  The eggnog cups arrived and look great!!!!!  I'm telling everyone I can as well as showing them off.  Again thanks for everything....I think FedEx is the right choice for the glasses.  You will be hearing from me in the future for more glasses.....however I will wait a couple of weeks until you finish with the back  Sincerely.
Dave D., Illinois, USA  2002/02/12

This is just to let you know that I received the two moose mugs I ordered from you in perfect condition.  I am very impressed with the way in which you handled the problems in shipping.  You accepted my statement that mugs in the first shipment were destroyed without question.  I thought you had taken great care to wrap them carefully the first time.  I was surprised that they were broken when they got here.  My only problem with your second shipment was getting through the "bubble wrap" to the (moose) mugs.  I popped a few and thought I had broken the new (moose) mugs myself.  I have relatives from Calgary visiting me on the 26 of February if the weather allows and I will be sure to tell them about your company.  Please keep me on any mailing lists you might have and be assured I will be getting other specialties from you in the future.  BRAVO!
Peter R., Massachusetts, USA  2002/02/12

Hi there.  Just a quick note to let you know my Bear Claws arrived yesterday and I was sooooo impressed with the speed of your service I thought I'd let you know.  Best wishes.
Lyn H., United Kingdom  2002/01/30

Dear Dan, I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and wonderful reproduction of the Christmas Vacation "Moose Mugs!"  My husband was so delighted by this surprise gift.  As promised, I have sent you a couple of pictures of him opening the present.  He burst into gales of laughter and has been showing off his prize mug ever since Christmas!  You made his Christmas just a little bit brighter!!  We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!  With much appreciation.  P.S. We may be placing more orders for next Christmas and will make sure to order early!
Laurel T., BC, Canada  2002/01/11M

Hi Dan, I wish you a happy New Year.  Many thanks for all that you've done for me.  The (moose) mugs arrived on Friday the 21st, in Germany, so I could give it to my parents at Christmas.  They were really surprised about their present.  In the evening we tested the mugs immediately with an original self made eggnog.  Thanks for all.  That's what I call superior service.  Best regards.
Bernd S., Germany  2002/01/08

Good Morning.  My order (of Canadian souvenirs) just arrived, safe and sound.  Thank you very much for your great service and have a very happy and prosperous new year.
Joe P., Massachusetts, USA  2001/12/21

Thanks for your response, Dan.  As luck would have it....Santa delivered my (moose) mugs at about 10:00 this morning.  Thanks for a great product and reliable service.  I look forward to doing more business with the Canadian Moose in the future.  I will recommend your products to all of my friends.  Thanks again.  Have a great holiday.
Tom S., Illinois, USA  2001/12/21

Dan, I LOVE the moose eggnog boss is going to love it!  Thank you so very much for quick response to my order.  I know how crazy you must be trying to get all those orders out for Christmas and I sincerely appreciate the time you took to return my calls.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!  Thanks again!
Lu-Ann C., Ontario, Canada  2001/12/20

Dear Dan, Sorry I missed your call.  As you know, I picked up my moose mugs from Arte Vargas yesterday and I am thrilled with them.  My husband saw a commercial for the 'Christmas Vacation' movie and they showed the eggnog scene, at which point he said, "I just have to get one of those mugs!"  My son and I were sitting there and I told him it was just a movie prop, so give it up!  Can't tell you how fun this is going to be when we see his expression upon opening it.  I'll have the camera ready.  Thanks so much for your prompt attention to their delivery in time for Christmas.  I see you are sold out of moose mugs for this Christmas, boy am I glad I ordered them when I did!  Have a wonderful Christmas and a joy-full and prosperous New Year!  With appreciation.
Laurel T., B.C., Canada  2001/12/13

You're my hero, Dan.  Thanks much and have a wonderful day!
Beth B., Georgia, USA  2001/12/13

Wow!  They (eggnog cups) look great!  I am SO excited.  My husband won't believe I actually found these things!
Elizabeth L., Tennessee, USA  2001/12/10

Thanks Dan.  It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you.  I will very much be a repeat customer.
Tom S., Illinois, USA  2001/12/10

Dear Dan, the two moose mugs arrived yesterday.  They're great!  Thank you for the prompt delivery.  Yours sincerely.
Axel K., Germany  2001/12/06

You know I must say has to be one of the nicest, most customer friendly companies I have ever done business with.  Thank you and I look forward to receiving my merchandise (Canadian souvenirs) and will definitely order from you again and tell all my friends about this website.
Rebecca B., Tennessee, USA  2001/12/01

Hi...Received the (Bear) Claws yesterday.  Love them!  Thank you.....
Cara W., Arizona, USA  2001/11/27

Hi Dan, Just a note to thank you for your products (Canadian souvenirs) and service.  My niece has happily received the package you sent to the Czech Republic and now feels that she will be able once again to read on public transportation in and around Prague.  Fortunately we have Canadian ancestry, Kingston and north in Camden twp.  Thx again.
Dale B., Alaska, USA  2001/11/24

They (USA lapel pins) have arrived!!!!  Incredible!  Thanks.  I intend to pass some out when I am working in NYC next week...and then again in my church.  These are great.  I will order again...
Clint A., Tennessee, USA  2001/11/21

Dan: I just got off the phone with you.  Thank you for staying up late!  We watched Christmas Vacation recently with some very good friends of ours.  As we watched, of course we commented on the moose head glasses.  My friend then commented that she would love to have a set.  Soooo, I had to find them.  I still can't believe I found your site.  Thanks again.  We will look forward to receiving them in the mail.  Regards
Kellie M., California, USA  2001/11/19

"Readers know where to get that moose"
... The find that brought me the biggest smile was the handblown moose mugs a la "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."  While pricey, these movie-props-come-to-life also are priceless.  Maker produces a less expensive version (eggnog cups).  Call (877) 547-3118 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (877) 547-3118 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting to order, but be prepared to wait.  The eggnog cups are created from a glass antler adhered onto a standard glass bowl.  The larger (moose) mugs are a one-piece handblown glass moose.  Both take time.  The source of this moose-mug information?  None other than Pflugerville resident Sheri Moose.  Clark Griswold would be proud.
Jane Greig, Austin American-Statesman Newspaper, Austin, Texas, USA  2001/11/18

Dear Dan: Thanks very much again for your help!  In fact, I've just received those (Canadian souvenirs) products that I ordered, and I love them very much!  It's great doing business with, and I look forward to ordering gifts from you in the future.  Take care, and best regards!  Sincerely yours.
Kai-Chun Y., Massachusetts, USA  2001/11/13

Hi, Just wanted to say we received the (moose) mugs yesterday.  I was surprised they got here so fast from Canada.  My family will be tickled to see these Moose mugs.  It is a family tradition to watch "Christmas Vacation", and we have searched for those (moose) mugs for years.  Thanks and have a great holiday season!
Gary T., Texas, USA  2001/11/09

Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely box of stuffed moose, etc. (we are impressed at how many moose you were able to stuff into a little box!).  I have made the collection of goodies into gift baskets, and they look great and cheerful!  I'll get over the sticker shock of postage...don't worry.  Best regards.
Marian S., Massachusetts, USA  2001/11/05

Dan, the RCMP cap arrived on Oct. 31.  Perfect timing.  And my soon looks great in it.  Thanks.  Nice doing business with you.
Dave C., Virginia, USA  2001/11/03

Thank you for your quick reply.  I will call and order the eggnog cups.  Your customer service is excellent.  Thanks again for all the information you provided me.  You have a wonderful website... you have many wonderful items.
Paula P., West Virginia, USA  2001/11/01

I just wanted to let you know that I received my (maple syrup) order today in perfect condition.  Thank you very much.  I'm sure I will be ordering from you again in the future!
Brian W., Pennsylvania, USA  2001/10/29

Hi!  Just wanted you to know my Dual Flag pins arrived in fine shape today.  Thanks for the quick service!
Ed M., Wisconsin, USA  2001/10/29

Thank you so much (for the horsehair bracelets)...They arrived to-day and they are beautiful!  Thank you again!
Helen M., California, USA  2001/10/25

Thanks for the prompt reply!  Very good customer service, and I appreciate that!
Rich V., North Dakota, USA  2001/10/23

Hi Dan - Just wanted to let you know that we received the Moosehead pins and all is well.  They look great!  We get a chuckle every time we look at them.  I wear mine proudly right next to my US flag pin.  Thanx again for everything and I do hope that we can do business with you again.  I will add your site to our Favorites and visit now and then.  Take care and God Bless.
Jan H., New York, USA  2001/10/11

Good Morning, Dan.  The gift basket which you prepared and sent for me was SO WONDERFUL.  The lady I sent it to can’t stop talking about it!  THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Adam L., Virginia, USA  2001/10/02

Re: Canadian being a corporate sponsor for Team Canada 2001 Summer World University Games in China
Tim Maloney, Marketing & Promotions Coordinator
CIAU International Programs Office., University of Alberta, Canada  2001/09/14

Hello Dan.  I first wanted to thank you for your extraordinary efforts with my (maple syrup ) candy order.  I'm sure they don't encourage you in the business world to make expensive call backs to the States, just to give a customer MORE product for less money!!!  I do appreciate it.
Secondly...our country is sad right now as you know.  I recently read an e-mail from a Canadian newspaper that is being sent to Americans nation wide.  It made me smile, think, and feel safe.  So I thought I'd contact the only Canadian I've had contact with lately and say...thanks.  Certainly, I don't expect to get these maple (syrup) candies anytime soon.  That's just fine...there's plenty of time. :)  Take care.
Laura P., Massachusetts, USA  2001/09/13

"Our thoughts and prayers, and those of all Canadians, go out for the victims and to the families of the September 11, 2001 tragedies in the United States."
Dan Herauf,, Calgary, Alberta, Canada  2001/09/11

Just wanted to let you know that I was a part of the original movie (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)... your eggnog glasses are perfect... I have emailed at least 50 of my friends across the country to let them know about the site and the availability of the moose mugs!  I would not be surprised if you started selling many many mugs in the very near future. I will be purchasing some as soon as I get some holiday dough set aside.  Thanks!
Lloyd H., Alabama, USA  2001/08/28

Hello up there in God's country!  We were in Montreal just 2 weeks ago and wish we were back there now!  How beautiful your country is - such clean air - no allergies the whole time!  Wow!  Your site is fabulous!  I have been sitting here chuckling over some of your items.  Found you by searching on Cleary's (maple) syrup as the bottle I brought back to my husband is almost gone and he is very concerned about replacing it!  I will be ordering the moose mug as my husband does the Christmas Vacation "lights" thing every year - much to the kids horror and dismay . . . so this is a perfect gift for him!  And I will probably have to have that fish plate with the moose on it.  He is the most joyous character I have seen in a while!  I love him.
Mary B., USA  2001

Hi Dan!  Thanks for your e-mail!!  The moose mugs arrived at August 7th.  They are in best conditions.  No doubt about it, my sister won't forget this Christmas.  Her dream will come true, to drink eggnog out of this moose mug.  Thank you very much!
Michael A., Germany  2001

My order arrived today with those excellent items.  The t-shirt is great, the patch is great, and I really appreciate the fridge magnets and maple syrup candies!  I look forward to receiving the Canada auto decal. Thank you very much!  Have a good day and be well.
Joseph B., Connecticut, USA  2001

Thank you so much...I appreciate you taking the time to look those other sites up for me." :)
Shelly  2001

You have a great site -- more Canadian souvenirs than I've seen anywhere else on the Web! [:-)]  Thanks for your help!
Christine C., Missouri, USA  2001

... I would rate this supplier ( as a first rate company.  They have worked closely with me to ensure that our order is processed promptly and within the short time frame we have given them.  They have also, in my opinion, negotiated with me a great deal for Team Canada.  I think that they will deliver a quality product that will make Team Canada noticed in Atlanta.  Not only will our Canadian talent speak loudly, and bring back hundreds of gold medals, but our apparel will reflect our Canadian Pride.
Andre D., Team Canada Karate, Ontario, Canada  2001

That's excellent!  Thank you so much for your help.  I'll make sure I pass your company information along to my friends and anyone else looking for the moose mugs.  Thanks again.
Larry N., Wisconsin, USA  2001

Thanks so much. I'll look forward to getting the Canadian souvenirs and will refer anyone else to you.
Marietta M., Ohio, USA  2001

Hi!  We just came back from San Fran last week and I wanted to tell you that everyone loved the maple syrup candies and maple syrup bottles.  It went over very well, so thank you!  Believe it or not, we ran out of candies by the 4th day but had some bottles left over that we will use for our next show.  We had your brochures on the table and some people asked about where we got the candies and were they Canadian?  We were proud to say yes!  We will definitely be in touch before our next tradeshow which will be in January.  Thanks again for all your help!
Toni P., Ontario, Canada  2001

Hey!  Received the coins today, thanks, that was pretty speedy!!  My boyfriend is gonna love them!!  Thanks also for the fridge magnet, how did you know I collect them!!?? [:-)]  I'll be spreading the word about  Thanks again!!  Have a great day!!
Kay K., Connecticut, USA  2001

Great!! Thanks for keeping me updated on the moose mugs.  I announced it on my update today and linked over.  A lot of people are going to be thrilled!
Christine G., Minnesota, USA  2001

Good morning.  Thanks for the great service!  The 3-4 day shipping will be fine.  Looking forward to mixing our business, will spend more time today on your site.  Have a great day!
Debbie M., Missouri, USA  2001

Thank You!!!  I really appreciate your commitment.  I talked to my mom on Sunday and she was very excited!  I had very little hope of getting her a Mother's Day present that could arrive on time (prior to ordering with you).  I was happy that I had found your company with the smallest chance of getting her present delivered on time.  Your efforts to get the package there on time were greatly appreciated (by both my mom and myself).  Thank you again.. You can count on very positive word of mouth advertising from me, as I will give glowing praise about your company to everyone I know (I'm sure my mother will do the same).
Adam D., California, USA  2001

Good morning. I just wanted to let you know that we received our Canadian souvenirs order and everything was great. Thanks again and we will definitely keep you in mind for further purchases.  Cheers.
Linda S., Canadian Military - UK  2001

You were the only company that had exactly what I was looking for and was really afraid we could not get it in time.  Our daughter will be quite surprised to see her Dad with a bug tie for her "entomology" banquet at A&M University.  In fact I can't wait to see the response they will get from the rest of the people there!  Thanks for your help and your website is now in with our favorites!
Barbara M., Texas, USA  2001

Thank you for your swift reply and useful information.  This is exactly what I was looking for!
Dr. Sander G., Netherlands  2001

Thanks for getting the package here in a timely manner.
Diana B., Florida, USA  2001

Re: being a corporate sponsor for Team Canada 2001 Winter World University Games in Poland
Donald P. McLennan, Canadian Ambassador to Poland
Warsaw, Poland  2001/04/11

Hello.  I just wanted to say a personal thank-you for your support during the 2001 World University Games. made our delegations a lot smoother and therefore our competition better.  Poland was a great experience, the competition was excellent and enjoyed by all.  Thank you very much for your sponsorship of Team Canada.
Erin M., Alberta, Canada  2001

Re: being a corporate sponsor for Team Canada 2001 Winter World University Games in Poland
Tim Maloney, Marketing & Promotions Coordinator
CIAU International Programs Office., University of Alberta, Canada  2001/04/03

We would like to take this time to thank-you for your kindness.  Your gifts will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again.
Buddy D., Nebraska, USA  2001

Boy, are you helpful!  Thank you for all your help and influence...we have decided to plan a trip to MONTREAL!  I will be sure to keep your company in mind as the holidays approach.
Sharon C., Girl Scout Troup Leader, USA  2001

I bought a couple of your "Massage Bars" to try them out and I just love them, so I went back to the store and bought a whole bunch of them.
Andrea D., USA  2001

This is great news!  Thanks for tracking down this item for me.  This is a great (and interesting) service you provide.
Matthew S., Kentucky, USA  2001

I just got confirmation that the moose has landed and made it okay.  My wife was elated and completely surprised.  Thanks for all your help.
Roger L., California, USA  2001

Thanks for the reply, you guys are wonderful!
G.L.P., USA  2001

Fantastic!  Many thanks.  You'll get glowing recommendations to all my friends.  Cheers.
Jeff F., Newfoundland, Canada  2000

Dan, You da man!  Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction!  I was lost without flying my "Red and White" down here in the south.  You were very helpful and I will be sure to visit again.  Thanks and warm regards!
Scott M., North Carolina, USA  2000

Thank you for your prompt reply.  The product you describe sounds exactly like what I'm looking for.  Thanks.
Michael H., Ontario, Canada  2000

You are very resourceful apparently. Thank you so much for all your help.  Can you give me an e-mail address of your supervisor so I can tell him (her) what a kick-a__ (I won't use that word) job you are doing??  Thanks.  Hope you are having a great day!
Jennifer S., California, USA  2000