Customized Gel Packs

For gel pack orders, to Canada (provinces) or the USA (lower 48), there is FREE Shipping & Handling!


Please note that our prices are in US$. 


How to order gel packs:

1. Please read all the information on this page (some is interesting, some not so much).

2. Contact us saying you want to order some gel packs (please let us know your choice of gel pack size and your desired quantity of gel packs).

3. We will reply to you, asking you to e-mail us your logo/artwork.

4. Once we have worked up your logo/artwork, we will send you an artwork proof, for your approval.

5. You can then submit your order, on-line (gel pack Shopping Cart buttons are below), and we will ship the order directly to you.


Gel packs CUSTOMIZED, for all your pain therapy, personal, or business/commercial requirements!!

Need YOUR company's logo on therapy soft ice gel packs?  We can do it!!  Great for advertising/promoting your company or group!

Superior quality!  If your name is on it, you want the best!


HOT Unique Product!  A COOL Way to be Different!

Your full color logo is clearly visible (on a plastic insert) through a clear plastic pouch, filled with gel (of your color choice).

(see examples below)


Gel Pack Description
These (customize-able) gel packs, designed for heat and cold therapy, replace old-fashioned hot water bottles and electric heating pads.  Depending on what you need them for, the gel packs can be:
    1. heated up (in the microwave or with hot water)
    2. cooled down (in the fridge or with cool/cold water)
    3. frozen (in the freezer).
Gel packs are manufactured from high strength, puncture resistant plastic and are totally reusable (reheatable approximately 600 times).  Made in Canada.


Therapy (for pain)
The gel packs are great for healing inflamed muscles or soothing tired ones, with either cold or heatCold therapy is helpful for reducing swelling and inflammation.  Heat therapy helps relieve pain, including localized arthritis pain.  Pain relief is very important for people with arthritis.


Gel Pack Uses
Gel packs can be used by everyone.  Can be used as an ice pack or for hot / cold therapy applications.  Fully portable, you can use your customized gel packs in/for: camping, sporting events (especially for post-event aches and pains), picnics, food/drink coolers, bed warmers, lunch boxes, shipping containers, fishing, take-out dinners, catering, cooling on a hot day, headaches, muscle strains, dental relief, hangovers, arthritis, sports injuries, pain relief, pet warmers, in mitts, in scarves, as a bottom (butt) warmer.


Gel Pack Markets
Cosmetic Surgery, Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Pharmacy retail, Health spa, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Sports Rehab, Hospitals, Special Events, Promotional, Food and beverage, Fast food.


Gel Pack Sizes
Our 'in stock' gel packs are available in many sizes (" = inches): 

3x3", 4" Round, 3x5", 5x5", 5x7", 4x10", 6x10", 8x10", 10x12"

Gel pack 'thickness' is approximately 1/2" in depth


Our 'in stock' gel packs are rectangular or square or round, in shape.  'Custom shaped' gel packs are also available, but only in quantities of 5000 or more, with the custom printing being done in China.  Lead time is 100 days and costs are approximately 60% higher than our 'in stock' gel packs.  Please contact us if you wish to proceed with a 'custom shaped' gel pack.  We respect your privacy and any product concept discussions will be kept confidential.  Our gel pack specialists have helped develop a gel pack for almost every body part, for both humans (even a FULL BODY suit, for athletes) and animals.


Gel Pack Colors
The gel (inside the pack) can be colored.  The gel is held in a clear plastic pouch.  Gel 'colors' can be clear, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, or violet.  We will discuss gel colors more, when determining your order, to maximize readability of your logo.


Customize your Gel Packs (with inserts)
You can have the gel packs customized/personalized (by us), using a printed insert (your advertising actually 'floats' inside the gel pack, on a clear plastic film - a very cool effect!).  Imagine the possibilities: your company/team/group/association name, logo, slogan, picture, personalized message - almost anything - in these versatile, useful products.

Note: your advertising goes inside the gel pack - there is nothing printed on the outside of the gel pack 'sleeve.'  This allows the gel packs to be safe for external therapy uses, as no ink comes into contact with the skin.  We have developed this process so we can provide a safe and effective gel pack, one that will put your advertising in front of your customers, on a repeat basis.  Your advertising does not 'wear off,' like printing on the 'outside' of other items.

If our computer can print it, you can have it inserted in your gel pack!  With your order, we include "full color" print, at no extra cost.  We don't count colors and we don't charge extra for multiple colors.

If you want to have photograph-quality pictures inserted in the gel packs, we can do that, too!  No extra charge!

For custom inserts, production time is 10 - 14 business days, following receipt of order.  There are no extra charges for customized inserts except for 'rush' orders (please add 25% to prices).  Artwork to be supplied, by e-mail, in any of the following formats: PNG, PDF, EPS, JPEG, GIF.  Set-up charges may apply if artwork is not camera ready.


Advertise with your Gel Packs
What better way to serve as a constant reminder to your customers or to promote special events.  Provides you/your company with maximum brand advertising.

Great for new product launch, special events, corporate gifts, announcements, news release, anniversaries, fund raising, retail sales, golf tournaments, sports events, medical/dental, physiotherapy, corporate advertising, promotional items, prize giveaways ... and much, much more!  By using your imagination, you can create exceptional gel packs that will add value and suit every market and customer.


Gel Packs - Standard, Basic, or Fancy
Please note: The prices shown below include color gel and customized inserts (standard).  If you need a truly basic gel pack (no color gel, no advertising, no frills) or something even more fancy (custom shape, custom color, glitter, larger inserts, etc.), please contact us with your requirements (as well as intended product usage, product size, budget constraints, time constraints, etc.) and we will design your gel packs, made to your exact specifications.

If we can’t make it for you, you probably won’t find it anywhere else!


For gel gack orders, to Canada (provinces) or the USA (lower 48), there is FREE Shipping & Handling!


For gel pack orders, to international ('overseas') destinations, please contact us, for a Shipping & Handling Cost Quote, BEFORE you place your gel pack order.  Please read the following:

These gel packs will be shipped directly (FOB) from the manufacturer in London, Ontario, Canada.

Before you place your order, please contact us for an exact 'Shipping & Handling Cost Quote.'  Just let us know how many gel packs, in what size, and where they are being shipped to.  We will get back to you (by e-mail) with the exact Shipping & Handling costs, for the gel packs you are interested in (shipping quote is based on order destination, gel pack quantity, and gel pack size).

If you would like to continue with a gel pack order, please use our S&H Shopping Cart button, to add in the Shipping & Handling costs, that we have just calculated for you.  Just change the 'Quantity' ('QTY' in your 'Shopping Cart') to adjust the total shipping amount, to be the quote amount we have just given you.